Front cover image for The whole works of the Rev. W. Bates

The whole works of the Rev. W. Bates

Print Book, English, 1815
Printed for James Black, London, 1815
Early works
4 volumes portrait 23 cm
I. Considerations of the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, the recompenses of the future state, and the divinity of the Christian religion
II. The harmony of the divine attributes etc. I. Sermons of the forgiveness of sins
II. The sure trial of uprightness
III. The great duty of resignation
IV. The danger of prosperity
V. Spiritual perfection unfolded and enforced I. The everlasting rest of the saints in heaven
II. On divine meditation
III. On the fear of God
IV. The four last things I. On the existence of God
II. and III. Sin the most formidable evil
IV. How men are said to be the sons of God
V. and VI. How to bear afflictions
VII., VIII., IX., X., and XI. The marriage feast Sermons on the death of : Queen Mary ; Dr. Thomas Manton ; Dr. Thomas Jacomb ; Mr. Richard Baxter ; Mr. David Clarkson ; Mr. Benjamin Ashurst ; Dr. William Bates (by John Howe)
Copious index and table of texts illustrated