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Tropic of Kansas

Christopher Brown (Author)
The United States of America is no more. Broken into warring territories, its centre has become a wasteland DMZ known as 'the Tropic of Kansas.' Though this gaping geographic hole has no clear boundaries, everyone knows it's out there - that once-bountiful part of the heartland, broken by greed and exploitation, where neglect now breeds unrest. Two travellers appear in this arid American wilderness: Sig, the fugitive orphan of political dissidents, and his foster sister Tania, a government investigator whose search for Sig leads her into her own past - and towards an unexpected future. Sig promised those he loves that he would make it to the revolutionary redoubt of occupied New Orleans. But first he must survive the wild edgelands of a barren mid-America policed by citizen militias and autonomous drones, where one wrong move can mean capture or death
Print Book, English, 2017
Harper Voyager, New York, 2017
469 sider
9780062563811, 0062563815
På omslaget: A novel