Front cover image for Ukraine twenty years after independence : assessments, perspectives, challenges

Ukraine twenty years after independence : assessments, perspectives, challenges

Print Book, English, 2015
I edition
Aracne editrice S.r.l., Roma, 2015
Kongress Rom 2012
307 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
9788854877658, 8854877654
Foreword / Giovanni Brogi
Part I. Society, politics, economy, law, religion: The geopolitical role of Ukraine and its foreign politics during 20 years of independence / Yuri Scherbak
'Soft is beautiful ...!' : Ukraine's approach to regional integration / Kataryna Wolczuk, Roman Wolczuk
Chornobyl in a new history of modern Ukraine : subjects, methods, and limits / Anna Veronika Wendland
Human rights in Ukraine, 1987-2012 / Yevhen Zakharov
Religious freedom vs traditions of state favoritism : an unsteady balance / Myroslav Marynovych
'Traditional' churches in independent Ukraine : in search of common identity / F. Iwan Dacko, Oleh Turiy
Energy pendulum as an illustration of Ukraine's twenty-year way : between the vested interests of oligarchonomics and the energy independence of the state / Mykhailo Gonchar
The Ukrainian political system from independence to democratic involution / Pietro Grilli de Cortona, Barbara Pisciotta
The constitutional development of Ukraine : amendment procedures in theory and practice / Caterina Filippini
Threats to free speech in Ukraine : the bigger picture / Marta Dyczok
The consequences of the 2012 election in Ukraine / Oleksandr Paliy
Nobody wanted to win / Volodymyr Horbach
Ukraine after the Yanukovych ruin / Alexander J. Motyl
Part II. Language, culture, literature: Pushing the "regional language" : Ukraine's law "On principles of the state language policy" in force / Michael A. Moser
Language and identity in contemporary Ukraine / Nadiya Trach
A new hero for Ukraine : Mazepa in recent Ukrainian publications / Alois Woldan
Building memory : national identities and monuments in post-Soviet Ukraine / Simone A. Bellezza
Dmytro Dontsov's ideology of integral nationalism in post-Soviet Ukraine / Renata Caruso
Post-coloniality as method and mind-set : Ukrainian literature and literary scholarship 1991-2001 / Marko Pavlyshyn
Soviet dissident writers in the literary canon of contemporary Ukraine / Alessandro Achilli
Educational policy of Ukraine since 2010 : back to the imperial past / Maksym V. Strikha
Papers presented at a conference held in Rome, Italy, June 18-20, 2012