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Underage drinking

From the Publisher: Behind each policy debate over welfare reform, AIDS funding, and hate crime laws are the people struggling with poverty, illness, and discrimination. While the experts cite statistics and employ rhetoric about drug abuse, crime, and child abuse, individuals confront the horrors of addiction and the trauma of victimization. Greenhaven Press's Social Issues Firsthand series illuminates the often-neglected human side of society's pressing problems. Each anthology presents a collection of personal narratives on a featured social issue. Contributors include those who have had personal experience with the topic under discussion-either as a participant, a witness, or an involved professional. For example, Terrorism includes the perspectives of terrorists, victims, families, of victims, and emergency workers. Additional features include an introduction that provides each book with essential context, a thorough bibliography, a list of organizations to contact, an annotated table of contents, and a thorough index. Each book in the Social Issues Firsthand series will provide readers, with a personal context for the most pressing topics of today's political discussions
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Juvenile works
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Chapter 1: Family Connections
1: Forgive and forget / Koren Zailckas
2: Mother and son / Toren Volkmann and Chris Volkmann
3: Home is where the booze is / Natasha Charles
4: Bad mommy? / Gretchen Roberts
Chapter 2: Drinking On Campus
1: Hazing / Robert McNamara
2: Tough choices / Elizabeth Miller
3: Twenty-one at last / Cassandra Keyse
4: Battling the alcohol culture on campus / Charles Schroeder, an interview with Robert L Carothers and David Hardesty
5: Wet or dry campus? / Justine Ciboch
Chapter 3: Regrets And Resolutions
1: What I have lost / Lisa Wright
2: Learning moderation / Sloane Crosley
3: Why I don't drink / Meaghan Lane
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