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Understanding asexuality

Anthony F. Bogaert (Author)
In a world where people often feel compelled to advertise their sexual inclinations and preferences, many people identify as asexual, lacking sexual attraction to either men or women. This book introduces the idea of asexuality as a fourth category of sexual orientation and reveals the historical, biological, and social aspects of asexuality.
eBook, English, 2015
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, 2015
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9781442201019, 1442201010
1: Introduction2: The A, B, C, and Ds of Sex (and Asex)3: History of Asexuality4: The Prevalence of Asexuality5: To Masturbate or Not to Masturbate6: Sex and Gender7: Forging an (A)sexual Identity8: The Madness of Sex9: Do You Have Hypoactive Skydiving Disorder?10: A Monster in All Our Lives11: Art and Food on Planet Sex12: (A)sexuality and Humor13: Just Because14: The BeginningBibliography