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The accidental systems librarian

Nicole C. Engard (Author), Rachel Singer Gordon (Author)
"This new edition of The Accidental Systems Librarian prepares readers to manage the latest library technologies: mobile devices, open source software, social networks, WiFi, ebooks, and much more. Nicole C. Engard's advice on using research, communication, organizational, and bibliographic skills to solve various systems problems is geared to helping both 'accidental"'and "planned" systems librarians develop the skills they need to succeed and the confidence they need to excel."-- Publisher description
Print Book, English, 2012
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Information Today, Inc., Medford, New Jersey, 2012
xxiii, 302 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781573874533, 1573874531
Foreword / Eric Morgan
1. Systems librarianship 101 : defining systems librarianship. Library skills and communication ; Yes, you are a systems librarian ; Establishing competencies ; Systems librarians as change agents
2. Systems librarianship 102 : desktop software you may need to master. Open source software ; Operating systems ; Productivity software ; Web browsers
3. Systems librarianship 103 : web applications you may need to master. Web design ; Programming ; Cloud computing ; Virtual reference
4. Systems librarianship 104 : other technical areas you may need to master. Integrated library systems management ; Mobile computing ; Networking ; Troubleshooting ; Antivirus and workstation security ; Miscellaneous issues
5. Organization of knowledge. Inventorying ; Licensing ; Support information ; Statistics ; Documentation
6. Research techniques. Resources ; techniques ; Dealing with technical support ; The support interview ; Researching technology purchases
7. Networking. Online discussion groups ; Social networks ; Interest groups ; Associations and conferences ; Informal networks ; Developing networking skills ; Collaboration
8. Instruction techniques. Adult learners ; Training techniques ; Training staff ; Training patrons ; Ad hoc opportunities ; Setting up sessions ; Online training ; Screencasts and video blogs ; Setting boundaries
9. Independent study. Online classes and tutorials ; Community college and computer training center classes ; Local workshops ; Library schools ; Self-education ; Current awareness ; Funding training opportunities
10. Administration and management. Creating a technology plan ; Buying software ; Managing systems staff
11. Integrated library system migration. Selecting a vendor and/or product ; Data cleanup ; Staff training ; Computer upgrades ; Patron training Usability testing ; Changing over
12. Life lessons. Finding a job ; Branching out ; Negotiating a promotion (or a raise) technostress ; Ethics
Appendix A : Accidental systems librarian survey
Appendix B : Recommended reading
Appendix C : Websites