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All Indians do not live in teepees (or casinos)

Both a tribute to the unique experiences of individual Native Americans and a celebration of the values that draw American Indians together, this book explores contemporary Native life. Based on personal experience and grounded in journalism, this story begins with the repatriation of ancestral remains, excavated during an archaeological expedition nearly a century earlier, to the Pueblo peoples of New Mexico. This event, along with subsequent repatriations, has accelerated similar momentum across much of Native America. Author Catherine C. Robbins traces this restorative effect in areas such as economic development, urbanization, the arts, science, and health care. Through dozens of interviews, Robbins draws out the voices of Indian people, some well-known and many at the grassroots level, to speak against the background of the narrative's historical context. The result is a rich account of Native American life in contemporary America, revealing not a monolithic "Indian" experience, but rather a mosaic of diverse peoples existing on a continuum that marks both their distinctions and their shared realities.--From publisher description
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