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Anthropometric standardization reference manual

Abstract: This reference manual is designed to serve as a comprehensive set of measurement procedures describing over 40 anthropometric dimensions. The purpose of the manual is to provide a standardized set of descriptions that can be used across disciplines (for example: epidemiology, exercise and sport science, human biology, human nutrition, medicine, physical anthropology, and physical education). The manual also includes a section on special issues such as right vs. left side, measurement error, equipment availability, and applications. The papers on applications show the many applications of anthropometry to research involving children, the elderly, handicapped or obese individuals, clinical nutrition, epidemiology, physical anthropology, sports medicine, and conoray heart disease
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Part 1. Measurement descriptions and techniques. Chap. 1. Stature, recumbent length, and weight / Claire C. Gordon, William Cameron Chumlea, and Alex F. Roche
Chap. 2. Segment lengths / Alan D. Martin, J.E. Lindsay Carter, Keith C. Hendy, and Robert M. Malina
Chap. 3. Body breadth equipment and measurement techniques / Jack H. Wilmore, Roberto A. Frisancho, Claire C. Gordon, John H. Himes, Alan D. Martin, Reynaldo Martorell, and Vernon D. Seefeldt
Chap. 4. Circumferences / C. Wayne Callaway, William Cameron Chumlea, Claude Bouchard, John H. Himes, Timothy G. Lohman, Alan D. Martin, Carol D. Mitchell, William H. Mueller, Alex F. Roche, and Vernon D. Seefeldt
Chap. 5. Skinfold thicknesses and measurement technique / Gail G. Harrison, Elsworth R. Buskirk, J.E. Lindsay Carter, Francis E. Johnston, Timothy G. Lohman, Michael L. Pollock, Alex F. Roche, and Jack Wilmore
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Part 2. Special issues. Chap. 6. Reliability and accuracy of measurement / William H. Mueller and Reynaldo Martorell
Chap. 7. Which side to measure : right or left? / Reynaldo Martorell, Fernando Mendoza, William H. Mueller, and Ivan G. Pawson
Chap. 8. Methods of nutritional anthropometric assessment for special groups / William Cameron Chumlea
Part 3. Applications. Chap. 9. Physical anthropology / Robert M. Malina
Chap. 10. Human variation in anthropometric dimensions / Claude Bouchard
Chap. 11. Population surveys / Francis E. Johnston and Reynaldo Martorell
Chap. 12. Infants, children and youth / Vernon D. Seefeldt and Gail G. Harrison
Chap. 13. Assessment of the nutritional status of healthy and handicapped adults / William Cameron Chumlea and Alex F. Roche
Chap. 14. Estimating frame size / John H. Himes and Roberto A. Frisancho
Chap. 15. Anthropometry and body composition / Timothy G. Lohman
Chap. 16. Anthropometric measurements in the obese / George A. Bray and David S. Gray
Chap. 17. Anthropometric measurements in acute and chronic illness / Steven B. Heymsfield
Chap. 18. Topography of body fat : relationship to risk of cardiovascular and other diseases / Theodore B. Van Itallie
Chap. 19. Cancer / Marc S. Micozzi
Chap. 20. Sports medicine / Jack H. Wilmore
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