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Architecture : a place for women

Ellen Perry Berkeley (Editor), Matilda McQuaid (Editor)
"Women have had a recognized place in the profession of architecture since 1888, when Louise Blanchard Bethune became the first woman elected to membership in the American Institute of Architects. This book celebrates more than these one hundred years of women in architecture. The first essay in the book celebrates a remarkable earlier achievement, forty years before Bethune's: the authorship by a woman of the first history of architecture to be published in the United States. And the final essays in the book bring fresh perspectives to a future--to a series of futures--whose indications are visible only sparsely in the present. The place of women in this field has never been more interesting than it is now, with more women than ever before studying to become architects and moving into positions of prominence in their profession. The concerns that prompted this book--what the profession of architecture may mean to women, and what women may mean to the profession of architecture--are the concerns that will occupy many women (and men) for years to come. Passing a centennial not only gives a chance to look back; it also gives an opportunity to look ahead." -- $c Preface
Print Book, English, [1989]
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, [1989]