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Basta! : land and the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas

"On January 1, 1994, in the impoverished state of Chiapas in southern Mexico, the Zapatista rebellion shot into the international spotlight. In this fully revised third edition of their classic study of the rebellion's roots, George Collier and Elizabeth Lowery Quaratiello paint a vivid picture of the historical struggle for land faced by the Maya Indians, who are among Mexico's poorest people. Examining the roles played by Catholic and Protestant clergy, revolutionary and peasant movements, the oil boom and the debt crisis, NAFTA and the free trade era, and finally the growing global justice movement, the authors provide a rich context for understanding the uprising and the subsequent history of the Zapatistas and rural Chiapas, up to the present day."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2005
Food First Books, Oakland, Calif., ©2005
xviii, 281 pages : illustrations, maps ; 22 cm
9780935028973, 0935028978
Chiapas and Mexico. The legacy of conquest ; Export enclaves and national consolidation ; Mexico's revolution ; Agrarian reform
Eastern Chiapas: land. Colonizing eastern Chiapas ; Agrarian reform and conflict
Eastern Chiapas: the building of social movements. Protestant evangelization ; Catholic responses ; Peasant organizations ; Challenges to the government ; Disillusionment and disagreement ; The growth of the guerrilla movement
Oil and the crisis in Mexican agriculture. Crisis in agriculture ; Energy development in Chiapas ; Restructuring peasant agriculture
The toll of restructuring on lives and communities. Land and the changing economy ; Gender and generation gaps ; The widening gap between rich and poor ; Leaders who no longer need followers
Exclusion: the new politics. "New law," "new politics" ; Control of money ; Tradition versus literacy and law ; Divided solidarity
Transitions. Lessons from the past
The new indigenous movement. The new Zapatismo ; The double-edged sword of neoliberalism ; Militarization and containment ; Legal concessions and co-optation ; Chiapas at an impasse
Connecting the local to the national and the global. Networking for survival ; Antimonies of solidarity ; Neoliberalism and anti-neoliberalism ; Launching the global anti-neoliberal cause ; Networking for autonomy in Chiapas ; Agroecology and resistance ; The Mut Vitz organic coffee cooperative ; The social inequities of agricultural free trade ; Challenges for global resistance movements