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Bird by bird : some instructions on writing and life

Anne Lamott (Author)
Anne Lamott recounts her personal experiences to reveal her writing techniques and how she overcomes obstacles that interfere with the writing flow. She offers concrete suggestions about character, plot, setting, and other topics of interest to writers. She also offers advice about how to navigate through the dark underbelly feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and jealousy that are inevitable parts of any writer's experience
Print Book, English, 1995
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Anchor Books, New York, 1995
xxxi, 238 pages ; 21 cm
9780385480017, 9781439558164, 0385480016, 1439558167
Part I. Writing : Getting started ; Short assignments ; Shitty first drafts ; Perfectionism ; School lunches ; Polaroids ; Character ; Plot ; Dialogue ; Set design ; False starts ; Plot treatment ; How do you know when you're done?
Part II. The writing frame of mind : Looking around ; The moral point of view ; Broccoli ; Radio Station KFKD ; Jealousy
Part III. Help along the way : Index cards ; Calling around ; Writing groups ; Someone to read your drafts ; Letters ; Writer's block
Part IV. Publication, and other reasons to write : Writing a present ; Finding your voice ; Giving ; Publication
Part V. The last class
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