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Business Ethics : the Ethical Revolution of Minority Shareholders

Business Ethics: The Ethical Revolution of Minority Shareholders is a pioneer and original work in the domain of ethics in the relations between companies and minority shareholders. The book puts into context the motives of the controlling shareholders, who operate in collaboration with the management of their companies, in order to maximize their profits, very often at the expense of the small shareholders who do not possess insider information. This volume describes how the traditional safeguards of the rights of shareholders, namely the law, the SEC, boards of directors, independent directors, auditors, analysts, underwriters and the press, are inefficient in many cases toward minority shareholders
eBook, English, 2005
Springer US, Boston, MA, 2005
1 online resource (VIII, 269 pages) : online resource
9780387232317, 9780387230405, 9786610427406, 0387232311, 0387230408, 6610427402
Printed edition:
The Inefficient Safeguards of the Minority Shareholders
The Attitude of Society
The Excessive Privileges of the Majority Shareholders
Internet and Transparency as Ethical Vehicles
Ethical Funds
Activist Associations, 'Transparency International', 'Adam'
Case Study of the French Company Loskron
Case Study of the Israeli/American Company Furolias
Case Study of the Israeli Companies Erinsar and Soktow
Case Study of the American Company Mastoss
Class Actions
36 Laws of Wrongdoing to Minority Shareholders in Unethical Companies
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