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Chemical principles : the quest for insight. Anteprima di questo documento
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Chemical principles : the quest for insight.

Pubblicazione: [Place of publication not identified] W H Freeman 2016.
Edizione/Formato:   Libro a stampa : English : Ed. 7

Written for calculus-inclusive general chemistry courses, Chemical Principles helps students develop chemical insight by showing the connections between fundamental chemical ideas and their  Per saperne di più…


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Genere/formato: Lehrbuch
Tipo documento Libro
ISBN: 1464183953 9781464183959 9781319154196 1319154190
Numero OCLC: 942815860
Descrizione: S.
Contenuti: Fundamentals Introduction And Orientation A Matter And Energy B Elements And Atoms C Compounds D Nomenclature E Moles And Molar Masses F The Determination Of Composition G Mixtures And Solutions H Chemical Equations I Precipitation Reactions J Acids And Bases K Redox Reactions L Reaction Stoichiometry M Limiting Reactants Focus 1: Atoms 1A Investigating Atoms 1B Quantum Theory 1C Wavefunctions And Energy Levels 1D The Hydrogen Atom 1E Many-Electron Atoms 1F Periodicity Focus 2: Molecules 2A Ionic Bonding 2B Covalent Bonding 2C Beyond The Octet Rule 2D The Properties Of Bonds 2E The VSEPR Model 2F Valence-Bond Theory 2G Molecular Orbital Theory Focus 3: Bulk Matter 3A The Nature Of Gases 3B The Gas Laws 3C Gases In Mixtures And Reactions 3D Molecular Motion 3E Real Gases 3F Intermolecular Forces 3G Liquids 3H Solids 3I Inorganic Materials 3J Materials For New Technologies Interlude Ceramics And Glasses Focus 4: Thermodynamics 4A Work And Heat 4B Internal Energy 4C Enthalpy 4D Thermochemistry 4E Contributions To Enthalpy 4F Entropy 4G The Molecular Enterpretation Of Entropy 4H Absolute Entropies 4I Global Changes In Entropy 4J Gibbs Free Energy Interlude Free Energy And Life Focus 5: Equilibrium 5A Vapor Pressure 5B Phase Diagrams Of One-Component Systems 5C Phase Equilibria In Two-Component Systems 5D Solubility 5E Molality 5F Colligative Properties 5G Chemical Equilibrium 5H Alternative Forms Of The Equilibrium Constant 5I Equilibrium Calculations 5J The Response Of Equilibria To Changes In Conditions Interlude Homeostasis Focus 6: Reactions 6A The Nature Of Acids And Bases 6B The Ph Scale 6C Weak Acids And Bases 6D The Ph Of Aqueous Solutions 6E Polyprotic Acids And Bases 6F Autoprotolysis And Ph 6G Buffers 6H Acid-Base Titrations 6I Solubility Equilibria 6J Precipitation 6K Representing Redox Reactions 6L Galvanic Cells 6M Standard Potentials 6N Applications Of Standard Potentials 6O Electrolysis Interlude Practical Cells Focus 7: Kinetics 7A Reaction Rates 7B Integrated Rate Laws 7C Reaction Mechanisms 7D Models Of Reactions 7E Catalysis Focus 8: Main-Group Elements 8A Periodic Trends 8B Hydrogen 8C Group 1: The Alkali Metals 8D Group 2: The Alkaline Earth Metals 8E Group 13: The Boron Family 8F Group 14: The Carbon Family 8G Group 15: The Nitrogen Family 8H Group 16: The Oxygen Family 8I Group 17: The Halogens 8J Group 18: The Noble Gases Focus 9: The D-Block 9A Periodic Trends Of The D-Block Elements 9B Selected D-Block Elements: A Survey 9C Coordination Compounds 9D The Electronic Structure Of D-Metal Complexes Focus 10: Nuclear Chemistry 10A Nuclear Decay 10B Radioactivity 10C Nuclear Energy Focus 11: Organic Chemistry 11A Structures Of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 11B Reactions Of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 11C Aromatic Compounds 11D Common Functional Groups 11E Polymers And Biological Macromolecules Interlude Impact On Technology: Fuels Major Techniques (Online Only) 1 Infrared And Microwave Spectroscopy 2 Ultraviolet And Visible Spectroscopy 3 X-Ray Diffraction 4 Chromatography 5 Mass Spectrometry 6 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 7 Computation


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