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The Dakota Indian internment at Fort Snelling, 1862-1864

Print Book, English, ©2006
Prairie Smoke Press, St. Paul, Minn., ©2006
207 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
9780977271825, 097727182X
From the conflict to the camp. Introduction ; The Dakota conflict : the Minnesota Indian War of 1862
The beginning of the exile. The Dakota collected, examined, expelled ; How the Dakota diaspora began
First days at Fort Snelling. Arriving at the fort ; The stockade and shelter ; GUards and visitors ; Pictorial preservation
Epidemic. Initial incidence of the coming epidemic ; Comments on Dakota mortality
Surviving each day. The first census at the Fort Snelling Indian camp ; Confined at the Fort ; The daily roster, the morning report ; Call it what you will
How life went on, Still divided by tribal band ; Few material possessions ; What will become of us? ; A safe place to rest in peace
There would be a tomorrow. Securing work as scouts ; Inape on de Wakage : "I have written this with mine own hand" ; "Quite a reformation" ; Children of the encampment ; Labor of love
Removed from Minnesota. Preparations and calculations ; Determining the population in May, 1863 ; Moved away from Minnesota
The internment camp. Introduction ; Weather and deprivation ; Composition of the encampment ; The scouts, expeditions, and Ojibwa ; Suffering and surrendering ; A population including the "First Circle" ; Consequences of the military successes ; Final references and incidents at the Fort Snelling encampment
Removal by the U.S. Congress