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Travel diaries of Eleanor Garnier Hewitt and Sarah Cooper Hewitt

Eleanor Hewitt (Creator)
Twenty-three volumes of handwritten and typed notes created by Eleanor Garnier Hewitt during her travels by train and automobile through Europe and the United States, generally accompanied by her sister, Sarah Cooper Hewitt, and most likely by her butler William Donnelly. The diaries also containing some tipped-in or loosely inserted newsclippings, magazine articles, small brochures, letters, calling cards, and other ephemera. Notes briefly describe regional decorative arts and the gardens, villas and other sites of historic and cultural interest visited by the Hewitts in various locations, with dates. The diaries generally include information about the architecture, style, history and special features of places visited, notable artworks, the creators and current owners, and other contextual details. The diaries mostly lack details of a personal nature, except for some brief comments on hotels, meals, etc. Some entries are illustrated with hand-drawn sketches or photographs (particularly volumes S-D-110 and S-D-101). Volume S-D-103 lists some locations in Mexico, but it is unclear whether the Hewitt sisters actually traveled there
Manuscript, English, 1913