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Demolición : el agujero negro de la modernidad

Verónica Rosero (Author)
""Demolition: the black hole of modernity" proposes a new reading on the demolition or abandonment vs. conservation and restructuring of social housing projects in order to improve the intervention plans in complex environments. Considered complex, because they involve a challenging background that goes beyond architecture, and has more to do with racial, social, political, and economic prejudices. Therefore, it is a research on architectural projects but it is not limited to them. Through the social housing project Pruitt-Igoe built in 1954 and demolished in 1972, and the social housing project Robin Hood Gardens built in 1972 and planned for demolition in 2008, a period in which modern architecture is facing indiscriminate demolitions without reflecting on the social and environmental consequences is studied. Thus, modern architecture becomes kind of a "black hole"." (HKB Translation) --Verso Cover
Print Book, Spanish, 2017
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Diseño, Buenos Aires, 2017