Front cover image for Deskbound : standing up to a sitting world

Deskbound : standing up to a sitting world

Kelly Starrett (Author), Juliet Starrett (Author), Glen Cordoza (Author)
As recent studies show that too much sitting can wreak havoc on your health, a physical therapist and best-selling author provide creative solutions for reducing the amount of time sitting and strategies for the workplace and school that will improve productivity and overall health
Print Book, English, 2016
Victory Belt Publishing, Las Vegas, NV, 2016
368 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
9781628600582, 1628600586
Consequences of poor posture. The rounded spine: a flexion fault ; The arched spine: the too-much-extension fault ; The side slouch: the high hip/high shoulder fault
Natural body principles: how to organize and stabilize your spine, hips, and shoulders. The importance of an organized and stable spine ; Creating a ready spine ; The rotational key: stabilizing your hips and shoulders ; The bracing sequence: reclaiming a good spinal shape
Moving well: walking hinging, squatting, and stable shoulders. Walking ; Hinging and squatting ; One-hundred-year shoulders
The dynamic workstation. Standing workstation guidelines ; The active workstation: creating a movement-rich environment ; From sitting to standing: how to transition safely to a standing workstation
Optimizing your sitting mechanics. Sitting on the ground (two pillars) ; Passive sitting (no pillars, really) ; Sitting survival
Performing basic maintenance on your body. A systematic approach: mechanics, lifestyle, and mobility ; How to treat musculoskeletal pain ; How to improve range of motion ; Mobilization methods ; Mobility tools ; Mobility guidelines
Mobility prescriptions. Programming for mobility ; Whole-body mobility prescriptions ; Head, neck, and jaw ; Upper back, trapezius, and scapula ; Chest and anterior shoulder ; Posterior shoulder and lat ; Low back and trunk ; Elbow ; Forearm, wrist, and hand ; Glutes ; Hip ; Upper leg ; Knee ; Lower leg (calf and shin) ; Ankle, foot, and toes ; Deskbound Rx