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The easy folksong fake book : melody, lyrics and simplified chords. Ver este material de antemano
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The easy folksong fake book : melody, lyrics and simplified chords.

Autor: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation.
Editorial: Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard, [2010]
Edición/Formato:   Partitura musical : Inglés (eng)

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Género/Forma: Folk music
Fakebooks (Music)
Fake books
Tipo de documento Partitura musical
Todos autores / colaboradores: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation.
ISBN: 9781423499039 1423499034
Número OCLC: 682893283
Nota del idioma: English words; some selections also include French, German, Italian, Japanese (romanized), or Spanish words.
Notas: "Over 120 songs in the key of C."
Melodies and lyrics with chord symbols.
Descripción: 1 score (150 pages) ; 31 cm
Contenido: A-tisket, a-tasket --
All God's children got shoes --
All night, all day --
All through the night --
Aloha oe --
Alouette --
And the green grass grows all around --
Animal fair --
Annabel Lee --
Arkansas traveler --
The ash grove --
Auld lang syne --
Aura Lee --
Ballad of Ned Kelly --
The bamboo flute --
The banana boat song --
The band played on --
Beautiful brown eyes --
Beautiful dreamer --
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms --
Blow the man down --
The blue bells of Scotland --
The blue tail fly (Jimmy crack corn) --
Botany Bay --
Buffalo gals (Won't you come out tonight?) --
Camptown races --
Carry me back to old Virginny --
Casey Jones --
Chiapanecas --
Cielito lindo (My pretty darling) --
Cindy --
(Oh my darling) Clementine --
Cockles and mussles (Molly Malone) --
Country gardens --
Danny boy --
Deep river --
(I wish I was in) Dixie --
Down by the riverside --
Down in the valley --
Drink to me only with thine eyes --
The drunken sailor --
Du, du liegst mir im herzen --
The Erie Canal --
Flow gently, sweet Afton --
The foggy, foggy dew --
For he's a jolly good fellow --
Frankie and Johnny --
Frere Jacques (Are you sleeping?) --
Funiculi, funicula --
Girl I left behind me --
Go down, Moses --
Grandfather's clock --
Green grow the lilacs --
Greensleeves --
Hatikvah --
Hava nagila --
He's got the whole world in his hands --
Home on the range --
Home sweet home. House of the rising sun --
I gave my love a cherry --
I've been working on the railroad --
I've got peace like a river --
If you're happy and you know it --
Jeanie with the light brown hair --
Jenny Jenkins --
John Henry --
La cucaracha --
Little brown jug --
Loch Lomond --
The man on the flying trapeze --
Matilda --
Mexican hat dance --
Mrs. Murphy's chowder --
My bonnie lies over the ocean --
My old Kentucky home --
My wild Irish rose --
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen --
'O sole mio --
Oh! Susanna --
Old Black Joe --
Old folks at home (Swanee River) --
The old gray mare --
Over the waves --
Polly wolly doodle --
Pop goes the weasel --
The rambling sailor --
The Red River Valley --
Ring around the rosie --
Rock-a-bye, baby --
Sailing, sailing --
Sailor's hornpipe --
Sakura (Cherry blossoms) --
Santa Lucia --
Scarborough Fair --
School days --
She wore a yellow ribbon --
She'll be comin' 'round the mountain --
Shenandoah --
Shoo fly, don't bother me --
Short'nin' bread --
Simple gifts --
Sing a song of sixpence --
Siyahamba (We are marching in the light of God) --
Skip to my lou --
Song of the Volga boatman --
The streets of Laredo --
Sweet Betsy from Pike --
Take me out to the ball game --
Three blind mice --
'Tis the last rose of summer --
Tom Dooley --
Turkey in the straw --
The Wabash Cannon ball --
Wayfaring stranger --
When Johnny comes marching home --
When the saints go marching in --
Will the circle be unbroken --
Worried man blues --
Yankee doodle --
The yellow rose of Texas.


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