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Ecuador : a country study

Print Book, English, 1991
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Federal Research Division, Library of Congress : For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1991
Government publications
xxv, 306 pages : illustrations, maps (1 folded) ; 24 cm
9780844407302, 0844407305
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Pre-Hispanic era
Discovery and conquest
Spanish colonial era
The struggle for independence
The first century of the republic. Initial confusion, 1830-60 ; The era of conservatism, 1860-95 ; The rule of the liberals, 1895-1925 ; Reform, chaos, and debacle, 1925-44
The postwar era. Constitutional rule, 1948-60 ; Instability and military dominance, 1960-72 ; Direct military rule, 1972-79 ; Return to democratic rule, 1979-84
Geography. Natural regions ; Drainage ; Climate
Migration and urbanization
Social classes. Elite ; Middle class ; Peasants ; Workers
Ethnic groups. Whites and mestizos ; Blacks ; Sierra Indians ; Oriente Indians
Family and kin
Social welfare. Education ; Health and social security
Growth and structure of the economy
Recent economic performance
Role of government. Fiscal policies ; Monetary and exchange policies ; Government budget process
Human resources and income. Composition of labor force ; Employment indicators and benefits ; Organized labor
Agriculture. Land use and tenure ; Crops ; Livestock and poultry ; Fishing ; Forestry
Natural resources and energy. Petroleum and natural gas ; Mining and minerals ; Electric power
Services. Financial system ; Tourism ; Communications ; Transportation
External sector. External debt ; Trade and balance of payments
Constitutional background
Governmental structure. The executive ; The legislature ; The judiciary ; Public administration ; The electoral process
Political dynamics. Political parties ; Political forces and interest groups ; The media
Foreign relations. The United States ; Other nations and international organizations
Military heritage
Strategic perspective
Involvement in politics and government
Armed forces. Army ; Navy ; Air Force ; Military justice ; Ranks, insignia, and uniforms
Recruitment and conditions of service
Defense budget
Civil defense
Civil actions
Foreign influence. Military relations with the United States ; Equipment sources
Internal security. Police ; The administration of justice ; The penal system
"Research completed December 1989."
Supercedes the 1973 ed. of Area handbook for Ecuador, coauthored by Thomas E. Weil [and others]