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Engineering asset management and infrastructure sustainability : proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2010)

Autor Joseph Mathew
Vydavatel: London : Springer, ©2011.
Vydání/formát:   e-kniha : Document : Conference publication : EnglishZobrazit všechny vydání a formáty

Represents trends and developments in the emerging field of engineering asset management as presented at the Fifth World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM).


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Žánr/forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Typ materiálu: Conference publication, Document, Internetový zdroj
Typ dokumentu Internetový zdroj, Počítačový soubor
Všichni autoři/tvůrci: Joseph Mathew
ISBN: 9780857294937 0857294938 085729301X 9780857293015
OCLC číslo: 793599591
Popis: 1 online resource (xix, 1160 pages) : illustrations
Obsahy: Plant Asset Management Today and Tomorrow / Woo Bang Lee, Sang-Young Moh and Hong-Jung Choi --
A Prognostics and Health Management for Information and Electronics-Rich Systems / Michael Pecht --
Acoustic Emission Technology for Assessing Gas Void Fraction Levels in Two-Phase Flow / A. Addali and D. Mba --
The Role of Very Detailed Soil Environment (VDSE) Maps in Assessing the Performance of Buried Water Pipes / Ian Allan --
Managing Public Assets Towards Service Delivery Compliance / Joe Amadi-Echendu and Tshilidzi Ramanyimi --
Risk Modeling and Analysis for Sustainable Asset Management / Fazleena Badurdeen, Mohannad Shuaib and Jayantha P. Liyanage --
An Approach to Estimate the Probability in Meeting Army Maintenance Personnel Requirements / Thang Cao, Benjamin Francis and Nick Brealey --
Wear Mechanisms in Pneumatic Conveying of Sand and Analysis of Predictive Model for Pipeline Thickness Loss / A.A. Cenna, K.C. Williams and M.G. Jones --
Novel Application of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope in Analysis of Single Particle Impact on Ductile Surfaces / A.A. Cenna and M.G. Jones --
The Study of Gearbox Condition Maintenance Policy Based on Proportional Hazards Model / Hanyu Chen, Qiang Miao, Liu Liu, Dong Wang and Lin Cong --
Statistical Activity Cost Regression Analysis of a Scheduling Problem / Andrew Colin, Peter Lambrineas, Terence Weir and Roger J. Willett --
Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox Based on Interpolated DFT with the Maximum Sidelobe Decay Windows / Lin Cong, Qiang Miao, Zhimin Liu, Liu Liu and Chao Tang. Diagnostics of Internal Combustion Engine Mechanical Faults Masked by Adaptive Control Systems / Zbigniew Dąbrowski and Henryk Madej --
Indentation Size Effect and Strain Rate Sensitivity of Nanocrystalline MG-AL Alloys / Hui Diao, Cheng Yan, John Bell, Li Lu and Guangping Zhang --
Council Building Management Practices, Case Studies and Road Ahead / R. Edirisinghe, S. Setunge, G. Zhang and R. Wakefield --
Managing Offshore Wind Energy Assets: On the Systematic Development of an Integrated Architecture / Idriss El-Thalji and Jayantha P. Liyanage --
Identifying Differences in Wet and Dry Road Crashes Using Data Mining / D. Emerson, R. Nayak, J. Weligamage and N. Piyatrapoomi --
Maintenance Management of Concrete Infrastructure Considering Extent of Corrosion-Induced Damage / A. Firouzi --
Field-Force Enablement in Australian Asset Management Organisations-A Complete Study / Jing Gao and Andy Koronios --
Reliability Prediction Using the Non-Parametric Explicit Hazard Model: A Case Study / Nima Gorjian, Murthy N. Mittinty, Yong Sun, Prasad K.D.V. Yarlagadda and Lin Ma --
An Architectural Concept for the CIEAM Enterprise Bus / Georg Grossmann, Gerald Quirchmayr and Markus Stumptner --
The Characteristic of the Acoustic Emission Signal in Rotating Shaft with Crack / Dongsik Gu, Jaegu Kim, Won Cheol Kim and Byeong-Keun Choi --
Managing Complex Engineering Projects with Design Structure Matrix Methods / Indra Gunawan. An Object Oriented Road Asset Information Model / Abrar Haider, Andy Koronios and Arun Kumar --
Information and Operational Technologies Governance Framework for Engineering Asset Management / Abrar Haider --
Enterprise Architectures for Information and Operational Technologies for Asset Management / Abrar Haider --
Contracting and Asset Management: Establishing an Asset Specificity Framework for Determining the Optimal Management of Tourism Infrastructure / Paul Harpur and Kerry Brown --
Inspection Intervals, Risk and Bushfires / Nicholas Hastings --
Safety Critical Elements in Asset Management / J.A. Healy --
Ferromagnetism in Compression Stressed Transitional Bulk Nanostructured FE50AL50 Alloy / M.M. Rajath Hegde, C.E. Wen, Yuncang Li and P.D. Hodgson --
Life Cycle Costing in High Complex Industries-Developing and Applying a Life Cycle Costing Approach in the Railway Industry / Christian Hoffart and Philipp Stüer --
Molecular Mechanics Investigations on Interfacial Properties in Nano-Materials due to Van der Waals and Electrostatic Coulombic Interactions / N. Hu, Y. Li and S. Liu --
Development of Diagnostic and Prognostic Algorithms from Vacuum Circuit Breaker Restrike Review and its Validation Proposal / S. Kam and G. Ledwich --
Asset Management Key Areas for Financial Success / Vivek Kangesu. A Study on the Use of Acoustic Emission Technique as a Structural Health Monitoring Tool / Manindra Kaphle, Andy C.C. Tan, David P. Thambiratnam and Tommy H.T. Chan --
Integrated Approach for HP-LNG Pump Diagnostics and Prognostics Based on Health State Probability Estimation / Hack-Eun Kim, Andy C.C. Tan and Joseph Mathew --
Acoustic Emission for Diesel Engine Monitoring: A Review and Preliminary Analysis / Eric Y. Kim, Andy C.C. Tan and Bo-Suk Yang --
Characteristic Analysis of AE Signal Caused by Crack Growth / J.G. Kim, D.S. Gu, H.J. Kim and B.K. Choi --
ASSET: Appropriate Spares Supply and Efficient Transportation Management / G. Klimek and C. Meier --
How to Develop a Practical Asset Management Tool? / Dhirendra Kumar, Sujeeva Setunge and Indubhushan Patnaikuni --
Developing Knowledge-Intensive Product-Service Systems-Interview Results from Finnish Manufacturing Companies / S. Kunttu, T. Välisalo, M. Reunanen and H. Kortelainen --
Towards an Asset Management Framework of Asset Characteristics, Asset Environment, Lifecycle Phases, and Management / T.E. Van der Lei, Y.C. Wijnia and P.M. Herder --
The Fault Diagnosis and Monitoring of Rotating Machines by Thermography / Gang-Min Lim, Younus Ali and Bo-Suk Yang --
The Electromechanical Impedance Method and its Application for Paint Coating Damage Detection / Xianhua Liu and Roshun Paurobally. Hydrothermal Synthesis of Single Crystallin Strontium Titanate Nanocubes / M. Liu, C. Yan and J. Bell --
Diesel Engine Problems, Acoustic Emission Signals and Simulated Misfire Faults / D.P. Lowe, Weiliang Wu, Andy C.C. Tan and Richard J. Brown --
Road Networks Management Under Uncertainty: A Stochastic Based Model / I.P. Mandiartha, C.F. Duffield and R.G. Thompson --
The Exemplification of Governance Principles within State Asset Management Laws and Policies: The Case of Indonesia / Diaswati Mardiasmo, Charles Sampford and Paul Barnes --
Bringing the MIMOSA OSA-EAI into an Object-Oriented World / Avin Mathew, Ken Bever, Michael Purser and Lin Ma --
Ontology-Based Implementation of an Advanced Method for Time Treatment in Asset Lifecycle Management / A. Matsokis and D. Kiritsis --
Availability of a General Repairable k-out-of-n:G System Considering Shut-Off Rules / Ramin Moghaddass, Ming J. Zuo and Wenbin Wang --
The Evaluation Method of Human-Machine-Environment Systems Operation Quality / L. Muślewski, M. Woropay and P. Bojar --
Use Rule Based to Predict Dirty Values / Kalaivany Natarajan, Jiuyong Li and Andy Koronios --
Stochastic and Jerky Nature of Plasticity in Small Material Volumes / A.H.W. Ngan --
Temperature Dependent Electrical Resistivity in Epoxy-Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites / M.K. Njuguna, C. Yan, J. Bell and P. Yarlagadda. An Integrated Software for Machine Diagnostics and Prognostics Using Wireless Sensors / Jun-Seok Oh, Jung-Min Han, Min-Chan Shim, Jong-Duk Son and Bo-Suk Yang --
Structurally Integrated Thick Film Acoustic Emission Sensors / A.J. Pickwell, R.A. Dorey and D. Mba --
Estimation of Rail Failure Parameters for Developing Rail Maintenance Models / A. Rahman and G. Chattopadhyay --
Human Dimensions in Integrated Asset Management / Appiah Raveenthiran --
Simulation of AE Wave Propagation in Thin Plate for Source Identification / A. Roy, A.C.C. Tan, Y.T. Gu and M. Kaphle --
Strategic Maintenance Improvement: Driving forces and Obstacles / A. Salonen --
Towards Policy-Driven Performance Reporting: The Case of Waterway Infrastructure / D.F.J. Schraven, A. Hartmann, S. Bosveld and G.P.M. Dewulf --
A Technical Architecture Development of Social Infrastructure Asset Managmement Information Systems in Korea / Myoung-Bae Seo, Seong-Yun Jeong, Won-Sik Choi and Hei-Suk Nah --
Enhanced Kernel Method for Modelling Failure Probability Density Functions / I.B. Sidibé and K.H. Adjallah --
Risk Analysis of Diagnostic Facilities-Man-Machine-Environment System / Z. Smalko, J. Żurek and M. Zieja --
SIMPLE-Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment / Andrew Sneesby, Duncan Rose, Roger Byrne, Walter Graf and Maureen Hodgins --
Research into Infrastructure Systems Vulnerability, Risk Exposure, and Sustainable Adaptive Capacity to Hazardous Conditions / Rudolph Frederick Stapelberg. Renewal Decision Support for Linear Assets / Yong Sun, Lin Ma, Warwick Robinson, Michael Purser and Avin Mathew, et al. --
To Keep Transport Device Availability Base on RCM Approach / J. Szpytko --
To Ensure Transport System Availability Based on Maintenance Decision Solutions / J. Szpytko, M. Woropay and E. Dulcet --
Asset Management: Middle East Style / C. Teske --
Through-Life Management of Engineering Assets / M. Tomasella and A.K. Parlikad --
Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management: The Way Forward / Eric G. Too --
Machine Performance Degradation Assessment and Remaining Useful Life Prediction Using Proportional Hazard Model and SVM / Van Tung Tran, Hong Thom Pham, Bo Suk Yang and Tan Tien Nguyen --
Factors Influencing Local Government Capital Works Procurement: Developing a Research Agenda / P. Vitartas, M. Flynn, K. Brown and F. D'lima --
Managing Metadata Towards Enhanced Data Quality in Asset Management / Lubos Vnuk, Andy Koronios and Jing Gao --
Technology Development for Application in Indian Railways / Nalinaksh S. Vyas and T.V.K. Gupta --
Thin Film Solar Cells Based on Cu2ZnSnS4 Absorber / Hongxia Wang and John Bell --
Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation on Young's Modulus of Cartilage for Osteoarthritis Study / M. Wang, Z. Peng, J.A. Watson, G.S. Watson and B.N. Morris, et al. --
Preliminary Study on Bridge Health Prediction Using Dynamic Objective Oriented Bayesian Network (DOOBN) / Ruizi Wang, Lin Ma, Cheng Yan and Joseph Mathew. Asset Risk Management: Issues in the Design and Use of the Risk Matrix / Ype Wijnia --
Benchmarking Information Quality Performance in Asset Intensive Organisations in the UK / Philip Woodall, Ajith Kumar Parlikad and Lucas Lebrun --
Use of Analytic Hierarchy Process for Assessment of Transport System Operation Safety / M. Woropay, P. Bojar, L. Muslewski and E. Dulcet --
Integrated Management Asset Approach to Human-Device Set / D.A. Wozniak, J. Szpytko, Z. Smalko and J. Zurek --
Separation of Acoustic Emission Signals From Small Size Multi-Cylinder Diesel Engine / Weiliang Wu and A.C.C. Tan --
Analysis of Conical-Cylinder Shells Fundamental Characteristics for Structural Health Diagnostics / D.J. Yeo, M.S. Choi and A.C.C. Tan --
Time-Frequency Energy Spectrum Analysis Technique in Main Joints Fault Diagnosis of Quayside Container Crane Track Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform / Y. Yin, X. Hu and C. Deng --
Handling Incomplete Data in Survival Analysis with Multiple Covariates / Yi Yu, Lin Ma, Yong Sun and Yuantong Gu --
Development of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels for High Temperature Nuclear Structural Applications / Hanliang Zhu, Tao Wei, Robert Harrison, Lyndon Edwards and Kouichi Maruyama.
Odpovědnost: Joseph Mathew [and others], editors.


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