Front cover image for The Episcopal Church in the United States, 1789-1931

The Episcopal Church in the United States, 1789-1931

Print Book, English, 1951
Scribner, New York, 1951
xii, 400 pages 24 cm
Part I : The background
Anglicanism in England, 1559-1789
The church of England in the thirteen colonies, 1607-1775
The church during revolution and reorganization, 1776-1789
Part II : The church from 1789 to 1835
The general convention of 1789 : constitution, canons, and prayer book
The church convalescent
New leaders
The church begins to teach
Missionary awakening
Part III : The church from 1836 to 1865
Missionary expansion
The Oxford movement and its American results
Types of leadership : William Augustus Muhlenberg and Alonzo Potter
The Muhlenberg Memorial
Slavery and the Civil War
Part IV : The church from 1866 to 1900
The increase and decline of party strife
The church and education
Missions : domestic and foreign
The new science and the liberals
Types of leadership : William Hobart Hare and Phillips Brooks
Approaches to church unity
"The social gospel"
Part V : The church from 1901 to 1931
Changes in organization
Events and movements of the time
"Christianizing the social order"
Progress in Christian education
The expanding church : at home and abroad
Types of leadership : William Lawrence and Charles Henry Brent
"Faith and order"