Estimating numbers of terrestrial birds : proceedings of an international symposium held at Asilomar, California, October 26-31, 1980 (Livre, 1981) []
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Estimating numbers of terrestrial birds : proceedings of an international symposium held at Asilomar, California, October 26-31, 1980 Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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Estimating numbers of terrestrial birds : proceedings of an international symposium held at Asilomar, California, October 26-31, 1980

Auteur : C John Ralph; J Michael Scott; California Natural Resources Federation.; Cooper Ornithological Society.
Éditeur: [Los Angeles] : Cooper Ornithological Society ; Lawrence, Kan. (P.O. Box 368, Lawrence 66044) : Orders to Allen Press, 1981.
Collection: Studies in avian biology, no. 6.
Édition/format:   Livre imprimé : Publication de conférence : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats

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Genre/forme: Conference papers and proceedings
Format – détails additionnels: Online version:
Estimating numbers of terrestrial birds.
[Los Angeles] : Cooper Ornithological Society ; Lawrence, Kan. (P.O. Box 368, Lawrence 66044) : Orders to Allen Press, 1981
Type d’ouvrage: Publication de conférence, Ressource Internet
Type de document: Livre, Ressource Internet
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs: C John Ralph; J Michael Scott; California Natural Resources Federation.; Cooper Ornithological Society.
Numéro OCLC: 8045023
Description: x, 630 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Contenu: Introduction / J. Michael Scott and C. John Ralph --
Genesis of the symposium / Robert Z. Callaham --
The need for censuses in policy making / David L. Trauger --
Photographs of participants / Anthony Gomez --
Estimating relative abundance. Chairman's introductory remarks to Part I / Joseph J. Hickey. Counting birds for a relative measure (index) of density / David G. Dawson. The Christmas Bird Count and avian ecology / Carl E. Bock and Terry L. Root. The Christmas Bird Count : an overlooked and underused sample / Susan Roney Drennan. The Christmas Bird Count : constructing an "ideal model" / Robert S. Arbib Jr. The North American Breeding Bird Survey / Danny Bystrak. Estimates of avian population trends from the North American Breeding Bird Survey / Paul H. Geissler and Barry R. Noon. Reappraisal of the winter bird-population study technique / Chandler S. Robbins. Summarizing remarks / Douglas H. Johnson ; Ralph W. Schreiber ; Chairman's introductory remarks to Part II / Robert D. Ohmart. Surveying birds with mist nets / James R. Karr. Playback recordings as a special avian censusing technique / R. Roy Johnson, Bryan T. Brown, Lois T. Haight, and James M. Simpson. Indirect estimates of abundance of birds / Evelyn L. Bull. Use of playback recordings in sampling elusive or secretive birds / Wayne R. Marion, Timothy E. O'Meara, and David S. Maehr. Mapping territories with playback : an accurate census method for songbirds / J. Bruce Falls. The use of migration counts for monitoring bird population levels / David J.T. Hussell. An overview of grid-based atlas works in ornithology / Miklos D.F. Udvardy. Summarizing remarks / P.V. Rao ; Stanley A. Temple --
Estimating birds per unit area. Chairman's introductory remarks / David R. Anderson ; Limitations of the mapping method / Hans Oelke ; Territory and home range of the blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) and some other passerines, assessed and compared by mapping and capture-recapture / C. Ferry, B. Frochot, and Y. Leruth ; Remarks on the use of mark-recapture methodology in estimating avian population size / James D. Nichols, Barry R. Noon, S. Lynne Stokes, and James E. Hines ; Mark-recapture --
what next? / G.M. Jolly ; The determination of avian densities using the variable-strip and fixed-width transect surveying methods / Kathleen E. Franzreb ; Methodology for censusing land bird faunas in large regions / Olli Järvinen and Risto A. Väisänen ; Sources of error involved in the Finnish line-transect method / Olavi Hilden ; Summarizing remarks / Charles E. Gates ; Larry F. Pank --
Comparicon of methods. Chairman's introductory remarks / Chandler S. Robbins ; A comparative analysis of territorial mapping and variable-strip transect censusing methods / Kathleen E. Franzreb ; A comparison of three avian census methods / Daniel K. Edwards, Geoffrey L. Dorsey, and John A. Crawford ; A field test of the variable circular-plot censusing technique in a California coastal scrub breeding bird community / David F. DeSante ; Comparisons of avian census results using variable distance transect and variable circular plot techniques / Bertin W. Anderson and Robert D. Ohmart ; A field test of two density estimators for transect data / Timothy E. O'Meara ; An evaluation of breeding season census techniques for long-billed curlews (Nunenius americanus) / Roland L. Redmond, Thomas K. Bicak, and Donald A. Jenni ; Comparison of line-transect methods for estimating breeding bird densities in deciduous woodlots / Nancy G. Tilghman and Donald H. Rusch ; Do transect counts monitor abundance trends in the same way as territory mapping in study plots? / Sören E. Svensson ; Summarizing remarks / G.M. Jolly ; Charles van Riper III --
Species variability. Chairman's introductory remarks / Cameron B. Kepler ; Problems in estimating population size through counts of singing males / Harold F. Mayfield ; Bird populations consist of individuals differing in many respects / Barbara Diehl ; Problems of unequal observability / Jan Ekman ; Methods of detecting and counting raptors: a review / Mark R. Fuller and James A. Mosher ; Summarizing remarks / David L. Otis ; Robert E. Ricklefs --
Environmental influences. Chairman's introductory remarks / Harry F. Recher ; Seasonal changes in detection of individual bird species / Louis B. Best ; Seasonal changes in avian densities and diversities / Bertin W. Anderson, Robert D. Ohmart, and Jake Rice ; An investigation of the effect of seasonal activity levels on avian censusing / C. John Ralph ; Effect of time of day and time of season on the number of observations and density estimates of breeding birds / Aaron A. Skirven ; Effect of time of day on bird activity / Chandler S. Robbins ; Diurnal activity patterns and population estimates of breeding birds within a disturbed and undisturbed desert scrub community / Christian E. Grue, Russell P. Balda, and Clarence D. Johnson ; Interpreting population estimates of birds following pesticide applications : behavior of male starlings exposed to an organophosphate pesticide / Christian E. Grue and Bryon K. Shipley ; Environmental acoustics and censuses of singing birds / Douglas G. Richards ; Bird activity levels related to weather / Chandler S. Robbins ; Sampling in rugged terrain / Deanna K. Dawson ; Limitation of estimating bird populations because of vegetation structure and composition / Hans Oelke ; Summarizing remarks / Frank A. Pitelka ; Kenneth Burnham --
Observer variability. Chairman's introductory remarks / Ralph J. Raitt ; Limitation and variability in hearing ability in censusing birds / André Cyr ; Distance estimation as a variable in estimating bird numbers / J. Michael Scott, Fred L. Ramsey, and Cameron B. Kepler ; Tests of hearing ability / Fred L. Ramsey and J. Michael Scott ; The application of song detection threshold distance to census operations / John T. Emlen and Michael J. DeJong ; The role of observer bias in the North American Breeding Bird Survey / Craig A. Faanes and Danny Bystrak ; Problems in separating species with similar habits and vocalizations / Chandler S. Robbins and Richard W. Stallcup ; Reducing bird count variability by training observers / Cameron B. Kepler and J. Michael Scott ; The influence of observer and analyst efficiency in mapping method censuses / Raymond J. O'Connor ; Effects of observers using different methods upon the total population estimates of two resident island birds / Sheila Conant, Mark S. Collins, and C. John Ralph ; Lateral detectability profiles for line transect bird censuses: some problems and an alternative / Richard L. Hutto and Sandra L. Mosconi ; Summarizing remarks / Lyman McDonald ; David E. Davis --
Sampling design. Chairman's introductory remarks / Jared Verner ; Experimental design when counting birds / David G. Dawson ; Optimizing sampling frequency and numbers of transects and stations / Charles E. Gates ; Effects of number of circular plots on estimates of avian density and species richness / Michael L. Morrison, R. William Mannan, and Geoffrey L. Dorsey ; Length of count period as a possible source of bias in estimating bird densities / J. Michael Scott and Fred L. Ramsey ; Point counts with unlimited distance / Jacques Blondel, Camille Ferry, and Bernard Frochot ; The species-area relationship in spot-map censusing / Todd Engstrom ; Capture-recapture models : a review of current methods, assumptions, and experimental design / K.H. Pollock ; Improved population estimates through the use of auxiliary information / Douglas H. Johnson ; Density estimation using line transect sampling / P.V. Rao, K.M. Portier, and J.A. Ondrasik ; Avian censusing with the strip method: a computer simulation / Ronald W. Engel-Wilson, A. Kurt Webb, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Robert D. Ohmart, and Bertin W. Anderson ; Summarizing remarks / Jake Rice ; Frances C. James --
Data analysis. Chairman's introductory remarks / Fred L. Ramsey ; Breeding bird censuses using spot-mapping techniques upon samples of homogeneous habitats / Paul F.J. Eagles ; An evaluation and comparison of techniques for estimating home range and territory size / R. Glenn Ford and J.P. Myers ; Line transect estimation of bird population density using a Fourier series / Kenneth P. Burnham, David R. Anderson, and Jeffrey L. Laake ; Analysis of bird survey data using a modification of Emlen's method / Fred L. Ramsey and J. Michael Scott ; Residual edge effects with the mapping bird census method / J.H. Marchant ; The efficiency of the mapping method: a computer simulation based on field data / Martin Erdelen and Beate Erdelen ; Methodological studies of breeding bird surveys in North America / A.R. Sen ; The effect of group size on line transect estimators of abundance / Terrance J . Quinn II ; Summarizing remarks / Kenneth H. Pollock ; Stuart L. Pimm --
Overviews. Scale problems in avian censusing / John A. Wiens ; Censusing and the evaluation of avian habitat occupancy / John A. Wiens and John T. Rotenberry ; Habitat correlates of bird distribution in British census plots / Raymond J. O'Connor ; Correlating habitat variables and birds / Stanley H. Anderson ; Measuring responses of avian communities to habitat manipulation / Jared Verner ; Surveying birds in the tropics / James R. Karr ; The usefulness of absolute ("census") and relative ("sampling" or "index") measures of abundance / David G. Dawson ; The underexploited potential of bird censuses in insular ecology / Yrjo Haila and Olli Jarvinen ; Statistics for the birds / F.N. David ; Adapting generalized instructions to specific situations in planning count work / A.J. Erskine --
Summary of the Symposium / John T. Emlen. Appendices: Committee reports and addenda. I. Terminology used in estimating numbers of birds / C. John Ralph ; II. Report of Working Group for the Revision of Christmas Bird Count Procedures / Robert S. Arbib and Carl E. Bock ; III. Report of Working Group on the Need for Standardized Census Methods / Harry F. Recher ; IV. North American Ornithological Atlas Committee formed / Miklos D.F. Udvardy ; V. Report of Working Group on the Need for a Manual of Counting Methods / Larry F. Pank ; VI. Report on the Working Group to Identify Future Research Needs / Jared Verner ; VII. Poster papers presented at Symposium ; VIII. List of Symposium participants --
Literature cited / Stephen R. Sabo.
Titre de collection: Studies in avian biology, no. 6.
Responsabilité: editors, C. John Ralph and J. Michael Scott ; sponsors, California Natural Resources Federation [and others].


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