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Euro-Par 2000 parallel processing : 6th International Euro-Par Conference, Munich, Germany, August 29-September 1, 2000 : proceedings Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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Euro-Par 2000 parallel processing : 6th International Euro-Par Conference, Munich, Germany, August 29-September 1, 2000 : proceedings

Auteur : Arndt Bode
Éditeur: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2000.
Collection: Lecture notes in computer science, 1900.
Édition/format:   Livre imprimé : Publication de conférence : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats

Euro-Par - the European Conference on Parallel Computing - is an international conference series dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects of parallel computing.


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Genre/forme: Conference papers and proceedings
Type d’ouvrage: Publication de conférence, Ressource Internet
Type de document: Livre, Ressource Internet
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs: Arndt Bode
ISBN: 3540679561 9783540679561
Numéro OCLC: 44969185
Description: xxxv, 1368 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Contenu: Invited Talks.- Four Horizons for Enhancing the Performance of Parallel Simulations Based on Partial Differential Equations.- E2K Technology and Implementation.- Grid-Based Asynchronous Migration of Execution Context in Java Virtual Machines.- Logical Instantaneity and Causal Order: Two "First Class" Communication Modes for Parallel Computing.- The TOP500 Project of the Universities Mannheim and Tennessee.- Topic 01.- Support Tools and Environments.- Visualization and Computational Steering in Heterogeneous Computing Environments.- A Web-Based Finite Element Meshes Partitioner and Load Balancer.- A Framework for an Interoperable Tool Environment.- ToolBlocks: An Infrastructure for the Construction of Memory Hierarchy Analysis Tools.- A Preliminary Evaluation of Finesse, a Feedback-Guided Performance Enhancement System.- On Combining Computational Differentiation and Toolkits for Parallel Scientific Computing.- Generating Parallel Program Frameworks from Parallel Design Patterns.- Topic 02.- Performance Evaluation and Prediction.- A Callgraph-Based Search Strategy for Automated Performance Diagnosis.- Automatic Performance Analysis of MPI Applications Based on Event Traces.- Paje: An Extensible Environment for Visualizing Multi-threaded Programs Executions.- A Statistical-Empirical Hybrid Approach to Hierarchical Memory Analysis.- Use of Performance Technology for the Management of Distributed Systems.- Delay Behavior in Domain Decomposition Applications.- Automating Performance Analysis from UML Design Patterns.- Integrating Automatic Techniques in a Performance Analysis Session.- Combining Light Static Code Annotation and Instruction-Set Emulation for Flexible and Efficient On-the-Fly Simulation.- SCOPE - The Specific Cluster Operation and Performance Evaluation Benchmark Suite.- Implementation Lessons of Performance Prediction Tool for Parallel Conservative Simulation.- A Fast and Accurate Approach to Analyze Cache Memory Behavior.- Impact of PE Mapping on Cray T3E Message-Passing Performance.- Performance Prediction of an NAS Benchmark Program with ChronosMix Environment.- Topic 03.- Scheduling and Load Balancing.- A Hierarchical Approach to Irregular Problems.- Load Scheduling with Profile Information.- Neighbourhood Preserving Load Balancing: A Self-Organizing Approach.- The Impact of Migration on Parallel Job Scheduling for Distributed Systems.- Memory Management Techniques for Gang Scheduling.- Exploiting Knowledge of Temporal Behaviour in Parallel Programs for Improving Distributed Mapping.- Preemptive Task Scheduling for Distributed Systems.- Towards Optimal Load Balancing Topologies.- Scheduling Trees with Large Communication Delays on Two Identical Processors.- Parallel Multilevel Algorithms for Multi-constraint Graph Partitioning.- Experiments with Scheduling Divisible Tasks in Clusters of Workstations.- Optimal Mapping of Pipeline Algorithms.- Dynamic Load Balancing for Parallel Adaptive Multigrid Solvers with Algorithmic Skeletons.- Topic 04.- Compilers for High Performance.- Improving the Sparse Parallelization Using Semantical Information at Compile-Time.- Automatic Parallelization of Sparse Matrix Computations: A Static Analysis.- Automatic SIMD Parallelization of Embedded Applications Based on Pattern Recognition.- Temporary Arrays for Distribution of Loops with Control Dependences.- Automatic Generation of Block-Recursive Codes.- Left-Looking to Right-Looking and Vice Versa: An Application of Fractal Symbolic Analysis to Linear Algebra Code Restructuring.- Identifying and Validating Irregular Mutual Exclusion Synchronization in Explicitly Parallel Programs.- Exact Distributed Invalidation.- Scheduling the Computations of a Loop Nest with Respect to a Given Mapping.- Volume Driven Data Distribution for NUMA-Machines.- Topic 05.- Parallel and Distributed Databases and Applications.- Database Replication Using Epidemic Communication.- Evaluating the Coordination Overhead of Replica Maintenance in a Cluster of Databases.- A Communication Infrastructure for a Distributed RDBMS.- Distribution, Replication, Parallelism, and Efficiency Issues in a Large-Scale Online/Real-Time Information System for Foreign Exchange Trading.- Topic 06.- Complexity Theory and Algorithms.- Positive Linear Programming Extensions: Parallel Complexity and Applications.- Parallel Shortest Path for Arbitrary Graphs.- Periodic Correction Networks.- Topic 07.- Applications on High-Performance Computers.- An Efficient Algorithm for Parallel 3D Reconstruction of Asymmetric Objects from Electron Micrographs.- Fast Cloth Simulation with Parallel Computers.- The Input, Preparation, and Distribution of Data for Parallel GIS Operations.- Study of the Load Balancing in the Parallel Training for Automatic Speech Recognition.- Pfortran and Co-Array Fortran as Tools for Parallelization of a Large-Scale Scientific Application.- Sparse Matrix Structure for Dynamic Parallelisation Efficiency.- A Multi-color Inverse Iteration for a High Performance Real Symmetric Eigensolver.- Parallel Implementation of Fast Hartley Transform (FHT) in Multiprocessor Systems.- Topic 08.- Parallel Computer Architecture.- Coherency Behavior on DSM: A Case Study.- Hardware Migratable Channels.- Reducing the Replacement Overhead on COMA Protocols for Workstation-Based Architectures.- Cache Injection: A Novel Technique for Tolerating Memory Latency in Bus-Based SMPs.- Adaptive Proxies: Handling Widely-Shared Data in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors.- Topic 09.- Distributed Systems and Algorithms.- A Combinatorial Characterization of Properties Preserved by Antitokens.- Searching with Mobile Agents in Networks with Liars.- Complete Exchange Algorithms for Meshes and Tori Using a Systematic Approach.- Algorithms for Routing AGVs on a Mesh Topology.- Self-Stabilizing Protocol for Shortest Path Tree for Multi-cast Routing in Mobile Networks.- Quorum-Based Replication in Asynchronous Crash-Recovery Distributed Systems.- Timestamping Algorithms: A Characterization and a Few Properties.- Topic 10.- Programming Languages, Models, and Methods.- HPF vs. SAC - A Case Study.- Developing a Communication Intensive Application on the EARTH Multithreaded Architecture.- On the Predictive Quality of BSP-like Cost Functions for NOWs.- Exploiting Data Locality on Scalable Shared Memory Machines with Data Parallel Programs.- The Skel-BSP Global Optimizer: Enhancing Performance Portability in Parallel Programming.- A Theoretical Framework of Data Parallelism and Its Operational Semantics.- A Pattern Language for Parallel Application Programs.- Oblivious BSP.- A Software Architecture for HPC Grid Applications.- Satin: Efficient Parallel Divide-and-Conquer in Java.- Implementing Declarative Concurrency in Java.- Building Distributed Applications Using Multiple, Heterogeneous Environments.- A Multiprotocol Communication Support for the Global Address Space Programming Model on the IBM SP.- A Comparison of Concurrent Programming and Cooperative Multithreading.- The Multi-architecture Performance of the Parallel Functional Language GpH.- Novel Models for Or-Parallel Logic Programs: A Performance Analysis.- Executable Specification Language for Parallel Symbolic Computation.- Efficient Parallelisation of Recursive Problems Using Constructive Recursion.- Development of Parallel Algorithms in Data Field Haskell.- The ParCeL-2 Programming Language.- Topic 11.- Numerical Algorithms for Linear and Non linear Algebra.- Ahnentafel Indexing into Morton-Ordered Arrays, or Matrix Locality for Free.- An Efficient Parallel Linear Solver with a Cascadic Conjugate Gradient Method: Experience with Reality.- A Fast Solver for Convection Diffusion Equations Based on Nested Dissection with Incomplete Elimination.- Low Communication Parallel Multigrid.- Parallelizing an Unstructured Grid Generator with a Space-Filling Curve Approach.- Solving Discrete-Time Periodic Riccati Equations on a Cluster.- A Parallel Optimization Scheme for Parameter Estimation in Motor Vehicle Dynamics.- Sliding-Window Compression on the Hypercube.- A Parallel Implementation of a Potential Reduction Algorithm for Box-Constrained Quadratic Programming.- Topic 12.- European Projects.- NEPHEW: Applying a Toolset for the Efficient Deployment of a Medical Image Application on SCI-Based Clusters.- SEEDS: Airport Management Database System.- HIPERTRANS: High Performance Transport Network Modelling and Simulation.- Topic 13.- Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks.- Experimental Evaluation of Hot-Potato Routing Algorithms on 2-Dimensional Processor Arrays.- Improving the Up*/Down* Routing Scheme for Networks of Workstations.- Deadlock Avoidance for Wormhole Based Switches.- An Analytical Model of Adaptive Wormhole Routing with Deadlock Recovery.- Analysis of Pipelined Circuit Switching in Cube Networks.- A New Reliability Model for Interconnection Networks.- A Bandwidth Latency Tradeoff for Broadcast and Reduction.- Optimal Broadcasting in Even Tori with Dynamic Faults.- Broadcasting in All-Port Wormhole 3-D Meshes of Trees.- Probability-Based Fault-Tolerant Routing in Hypercubes.- Topic 14.- Instruction-Level Parallelism and Processor Architecture.- On the Performance of Fetch Engines Running DSS Workloads.- Cost-Efficient Branch Target Buffers.- Two-Level Address Storage and Address Prediction.- Hashed Addressed Caches for Embedded Pointer Based Codes.- BitValue Inference: Detecting and Exploiting Narrow Bitwidth Computations.- General Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Using SIMD Features of the PIII.- Redundant Arithmetic Optimizations.- The Decoupled-Style Prefetch Architecture.- Exploiting Java Bytecode Parallelism by Enhanced POC Folding Model.- Cache Remapping to Improve the Performance of Tiled Algorithms.- Code Partitioning in Decoupled Compilers.- Limits and Graph Structure of Available Instruction-Level Parallelism.- Pseudo-vectorizing Compiler for the SR8000.- Topic 15.- Object Oriented Architectures, Tools, and Applications.- Debugging by Remote Reflection.- Compiling Multithreaded Java Bytecode for Distributed Execution.- A More Expressive Monitor for Concurrent Java Programming.- An Object-Oriented Software Framework for Large-Scale Networked Virtual Environments.- TACO - Dynamic Distributed Collections with Templates and Topologies.- Object-Oriented Message-Passing with TPO++.- Topic 17.- Architectures and Algorithms for Multimedia Applications.- Design of Multi-dimensional DCT Array Processors for Video Applications.- Design of a Parallel Accelerator for Volume Rendering.- Automated Design of an ASIP for Image Processing Applications.- A Distributed Storage System for a Video-on-Demand Server.- Topic 18.- Cluster Computing.- Partition Cast - Modelling and Optimizing the Distribution of Large Data Sets in PC Clusters.- A New Home-Based Software DSM Protocol for SMP Clusters.- Encouraging the Unexpected: Cluster Management for OS and Systems Research.- Flow Control in ServerNet R Clusters.- The WMPI Library Evolution: Experience with MPI Development for Windows Environments.- Implementing Explicit and Implicit Coscheduling in a PVM Environment.- A Jini-Based Prototype Metacomputing Framework.- SKElib: Parallel Programming with Skeletons in C.- Token-Based Read/Write-Locks for Distributed Mutual Exclusion.- On Solving a Problem in Algebraic Geometry by Cluster Computing.- PCI-DDC Application Programming Interface: Performance in User-Level Messaging.- A Clustering Approach for Improving Network Performance in Heterogeneous Systems.- Topic 19.- Metacomputing.- Request Sequencing: Optimizing Communication for the Grid.- An Architectural Meta-application Model for Coarse Grained Metacomputing.- Javelin 2.0: Java-Based Parallel Computing on the Internet.- Data Distribution for Parallel CORBA Objects.- Topic 20.- Parallel I/O andStor age Technology.- Towards a High-Performance Implementation of MPI-IO on Top of GPFS.- Design and Evaluation of a Compiler-Directed Collective I/O Technique.- Effective File-I/O Bandwidth Benchmark.- Instant Image: Transitive and Cyclical Snapshots in Distributed Storage Volumes.- Scheduling Queries for Tape-Resident Data.- Logging RAID - An Approach to Fast, Reliable, and Low-Cost Disk Arrays.- Topic 21.- Problem Solving Environments.- AMANDA - A Distributed System for Aircraft Design.- Problem Solving Environments: Extending the Role of Visualization Systems.- An Architecture for Web-Based Interaction and Steering of Adaptive Parallel/Distributed Applications.- Computational Steering in Problem Solving Environments.- Implementing Problem Solving Environments for Computational Science.- Vendor Session.- Pseudovectorization, SMP, and Message Passing on the Hitachi SR8000-F1.
Titre de collection: Lecture notes in computer science, 1900.
Responsabilité: Arndt Bode [and others].


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