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Exploring people of the Old Testament

Exploring people of the Old Testament

著者: John Phillips
出版商: Grand Rapids, MI : Kregel Publications, 2006-2007.
丛书: John Phillips Bible characters series.
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类型/形式: Biographies
材料类型: 传记
文档类型 图书
所有的著者/提供者: John Phillips
ISBN: 0825433843 9780825433849 0825433851 9780825433856 082543386X 9780825433863
OCLC号码: 70689089
描述: 3 volumes ; 24 cm.
内容: v. 1. [Adam-Ehud] (298 p.) --
v. 2. [Barak-Jabez] (285 p.) --
v. 3. [The old prophet and his guile-Joshua] (298 p.). v. 1. Adam and his world --
Eve: Adam's wife --
Cain and his creed --
Enoch: a candidate for rapture --
Noah: "All aboard!" --
Ham: a shameless scoffer --
Nimrod: author of confusion --
Abraham: friend of God --
Lot: the persistent backslider --
Hagar: Abraham's bondwoman --
Isaac and his family --
Jacob and his ways --
Esau: rebel-born --
Leah: the unwanted wife --
Reuben: the firstborn --
Young Joseph at home --
Joseph in adversity --
Joseph in advancement --
Joseph and his present --
Joseph: "Go tell my father" --
Joseph: blessed of God --
Joseph and his bones --
Job: none like him on earth --
Jochebed: the mother of Moses --
Pharaoh and his hard heart --
Aaron and his call --
Balaam and his curse --
Issachar and his men --
Joshua: conqueror of Canaan --
Caleb: a grand old warrior --
Rahab: the harlot --
Hannah and her faith --
Ehud: the left-handed judge. v. 2. Barak: the weak judge --
Jephthah: the harsh judge --
Gideon and his sign --
Shamgar: a little known judge --
Samson: the philandering judge --
Eli: a weak, old judge --
The leper and his cure --
The Nazarite: all on the altar --
Boaz: mighty man of wealth --
Ruth: a pagan seeker --
Elimelech: the backslider --
Naomi: the restored backslider --
Saul: a big fool of a man --
David and Goliath the giant --
Abigail: a spiritual bride --
Jonathan: David's friend --
Mephibosheth: a trophy of grace --
Michal: Saul's daughter --
Joab: David's general --
Abner: Saul's general --
Absalom: David's favorite --
Shimei: David's foul-mouthed foe --
Barzillai: David's aged friend --
Ahithophel: David's Judas --
Ittai, Zadok, and Hushai: David's three wise men --
Abiathar: David's priest --
David and Bathsheba --
Solomon: the worldly king --
Rehoboam: the foolish king --
Joash: the ungrateful king --
The sons of Shelah --
Jabez and his problem. v. 3. The old prophet and his guile --
Elijah and his faith --
The servant who was too busy --
Elisha and the missing master --
Elisha and the professing preachers --
Elisha and the worthless water --
Elisha and the scoffing students --
Elisha and the weeping widow --
Elisha and the woeful woman --
Elisha and the poisoned pottage --
Elisha and the lordly leper --
Elisha and the sinful servant --
Elisha and the fearful famine --
Elisha and the worried workers --
Elisha and the Syrian sovereign --
Jeremiah and his woes --
Josiah: the reforming king --
Ezekiel: the sign-giving prophet --
Daniel: the beloved of God --
Hosea: the betrayed prophet --
Joel: the prophet of the plague --
Amos: the small-town prophet --
Obadiah and his focus on Edom --
Jonah: the runaway prophet --
Micah: the country cousin --
Nahum: prophet of Nineveh's doom --
Habakkuk: the prophet with a problem --
Zephaniah: the royal prophet --
Haggai: prophet of a changing world --
Zechariah: the murdered prophet --
Malachi and his long, last call --
Joshua: high priest of the return.
丛书名: John Phillips Bible characters series.
责任: John Phillips.





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