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The fall of Rome

Rome's demise was not a simple case of fierce barbarians sacking and subduing a decadent, crumbling city. The author has skillfully balanced the turmoil and illusions of a mighty, dying Empire against the vitality of the aggressive Huns, Vandals, and above all, the Goths. The result is a perceptive and stimulating historical account, the story of the men and women who made things happen, who were as awesome, poignant, and in some cases, as savage as the era itself.--Adapted from dust jacket
Print Book, English, 1971
Doubleday, Garden City, N.Y., 1971
302 pages color map (on lining papers) 22 cm
All about Goths
About Alaric of Balthi
Of the school for generals
Of master general and boy giant
Being a history of the world
About Little Moesia
Of Gothic lightning and Frankish thunder
As good a graveyard as any
Of the return of East and West
Of the game named King
Of kings in the day of their blessing
Of Res Romana
Of the Goth in the mirror
Of Pollentia and Verona
Of the seven waves
Of the death of an oak
Of the Empire misplaced
The day the world ended