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From a native son : selected essays in indigenism, 1985-1995

Print Book, English, ©1996
South End Press, Boston, Mass., ©1996
xix, 588 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
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Introduction / Howard Zinn
Deconstructing the Columbus myth: was the "great discoverer" Italian or Spanish, Nazi or Jew?
Since predator came: a survey of native North America
The earth is our mother: struggles for American Indian land and liberation in the contemporary United States
Genocide in Arizona?: the "Navajo-Hopi land dispute" in perspective
Native North America: the political economy of radioactive colonialism, with Winona LaDuke
Like sand in the wind: the making of an American Indian diaspora in the United States
Death squads in the United States: confessions of a government terrorist
White studies: the intellectual imperialism of U.S. higher education
Literature and the colonization of American Indians
A little matter of genocide: colonialism and the expropriation of indigenous spiritual tradition in academia
Another dry white season: Jerry Mander's In the Absence of the Sacred
Spiritual Hucksterism: the rise of the plastic medicine men
Indians "R" us: reflections on the "men's movement"
Fantasies of the master race: categories of stereotyping American Indians in film
Lawrence of South Dakota: Dances with Wolves and the maintenance of the American empire
And they did it like dogs in the dirt ... an indigenist analysis of Black Robe
Let's spread the "fun" around: the issue of sports team names and mascots
In the matter of Julius Streicher: applying Nuremberg standards to the United States
Semantic masturbation on the left: a barrier to unity and action
False promises: an indigenist perspective on Marxist theory and practice
Nobody's pet poodle: Jimmie Durham, an artist for native North America
Another vision of America: Simon J. Ortiz's From Sand Creek
I am indigenist: notes on the ideology of the fourth world
Works by author, 1980-1996