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Gladiator : film and history

Print Book, English, 2005
Blackwell Pub., Malden, Mass., 2005
xii, 209 pages, 26 pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781405110433, 1405110430
Gladiator from screenplay to screen / Jon Solomon
Gladiator and the traditions of historical cinema / Martin M. Winkler
Gladiator in historical perspective / Allen M. Ward
The pedant goes to Hollywood : the role of the academic consultant / Kathleen M. Coleman
Commodus and the limits of the Roman Empire / Arthur M. Eckstein
Gladiators and blood sport / David S. Potter
Gladiator and the colosseum : ambiguities of spectacle / Martin M. Winkler
The vision of a fascist Rome in gladiator / Arthur J. Pomeroy
Gladiator and contemporary American society / Monica S. Cyrino
The politics of Gladiator / Peter W. Rose. The major ancient sources : Cassius Dio on Commodus. The Augustan history : Commodus. Herodian on the Death of Commodus. Aurelius Victor on Commodus
Arthur J. Pomeroy, author of chapter 8, is a New Zealander