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Global resources : opposing viewpoints

Print Book, English, ©2008
Greenhaven Press, Farmington Hills, MI, ©2008
233 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
9780737737448, 0737737441
Are global resources overstrained? The depletion of oil reserves is a global problem / Matthew Simmons ; Global oil reserves are not near depletion / Jad Mouawad ; Food scarcity is a global problem / Lester R. Brown ; Food distribution, not scarcity, is a global problem / Roger Thurow and Jay Solomon ; Water scarcity is a global problem / Steve Lonergan ; Water scarcity is not a global problem / Asit K. Biswas
What global agricultural policies should be pursued? Organic agriculture can feed the world / Andre Leu ; Organic agriculture cannot feed the world / Ronald Bailey ; Genetically modified foods should be produced to feed the world / African American Environmentalist Association ; Genetically modified foods are dangerous and unneeded / Jeffrey Smith ; Fish farming can help feed the world / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ; Fish farming is environmentally destructive / Emma Duncan
What alternative energy sources are worth pursuing? Solar energy can effectively provide electricity / National Renewable Energy Laboratory ; Solar energy is inefficient and impractical / Howard C. Hayden ; Wind power is affordable and environmentally friendly / Joseph Florence ; Wind power is unreliable and not environmentally friendly / Eric Rosenbloom ; Biofuels can replace gasoline / Vinod Khosla ; Biofuels are impractical / James Jordan and James Powell
How can the world's resources be preserved? A commitment to sustainable development will help preserve global resources / James D. Wolfensohn ; Sustainable development privileges the few over the many / Morgan J. Poliquin ; Nations must share equally the world's resources / Rajesh Makwana ; Free-trade agreements need to be repealed to preserve global resources / Deborah James ; Water must be made a public resource / Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke