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Globalization and its impact on the future of human rights and international criminal justice

Globalization is not a new phenomenon. New realities have emerged over the past two decades which have given it greater influence in the affairs of states. This coincided with the increasing inability of states and international organizations to carry out their institutional functions for the common good. This is testing a number of assumptions about the future of human rights and international criminal justice
Print Book, English, 2015
Intersentia, Cambridge, 2015
xxxiii, 729 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
9781780683300, 1780683308
Human rights and international criminal justice in the twenty-first century / M. Cherif Bassiouni
An assessment of the current international human rights paradigm and recommendations for moving forward / Carli Pierson
Twentieth-century institutions for a twenty-first century world? / Stephen Hopgood
Human rights and international criminal justice : looking back to reclaim the future / Micheline Ishay
The future of the United Nations human rights system / William Schabas
The past, present and future of international criminal justice and human rights / Lawrence Wilkerson
The future of international criminal justice : recent empirical studies on the impact of justice mechanisms on human rights and conflict / Kathryn Sikkink
International criminal justice, Plato, and global due process / Larry May
International criminal justice : reflections on the past and the future / Hassan B. Jallow
Assessing the impact of security and geopolitical considerations on the protections of human rights and the pursuit of international criminal justice / Hans Corell
Responsibility of states in case of human rights violations and of obligations to prevent and punish serious violations of human rights and international crimes / Alain Pellet
Failing states impact on human rights and international criminal justice / Mario Silva
The international legal architecture and the conflicts of the Middle East : an obsolete framework or simply underutilized? / H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin Talal
An Assessment on the use of armed conflict data / Mark S. Ellis
Outsourcing war : private military and security companies under international humanitarian law / Yannic Körtgen
Old and new terrorist threats : what form will they take and how will states respond? / Ben Saul
The future of global transnational criminality and international criminal justice / Robert Cryer
Rethinking multilateral responses to organized crime / Mark Shaw and Walter Kemp
Preventing genocide and crimes against humanity : reflection on future challenges and opportunities / Adama Dieng
Evolving advocacy : suggestions for the next phase of civil society support of international criminal justice / Christopher "Kip" Hale
Breaking the rules : Kenya, the ICC, and the Twelfth Assembly of States Parties Session / Elizabeth Evenson
Global pluralism : the next state in global governance, human rights, and international law / Errol P. Mendes
Decentralized democracy in political reconstruction / Roger B. Myerson
Population, resources and environmental challenges between now and 2050, and their world impacts / Martin Lees
The relationship of climate change to global security / Donald J. Wuebbles, Aman Chitkara, and Clay Matheny
Population, resources, and the environment : challenges ahead / Ved P. Nanda
The role of international non-governmental organizations, globalization, and international criminal law / Andrew Clapham
Inter-governmental organisations and international non-governmental organizations in the era of globalization, and how they can protect human rights and support international criminal justice / Stephen Mathias
The role of non-governmental organizations in advancing international criminal justice / Charles C. Jalloh
The fate of R2P in the age of retrenchment / David Scheffer
Global constitutionalism and global governance : towards a UN-driven global constitutional governance model / Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo
Implementation of the right to development and international criminal justice / Ahmed Fathi Sorour
Concluding remarks : Globalization, values, and world order / Shahram Dana
Global Issues and Their Impact on the Future of Human Rights and International Criminal Justice : Program
"This book contains the edited papers presented at the High-Level Meeting of Experts on Global Issues and their Impact on the Future of Human Rights and International Criminal Justice held in Siracusa, Italy, September 3-7, 2014" --page vii