Front cover image for Greensboro : closer to the truth

Greensboro : closer to the truth

Adam Zucker (Director, Producer), Signe Waller (Interviewee), Nelson Johnson (Interviewee), Willena Cannon (Interviewee), Virgil Griffin (Interviewee), Gorrell Pierce (Interviewee), Marty Nathan (Interviewee), Paul C. Bermanzohn (Interviewee), Florence Gatten (Interviewee), Roland Wayne Wood (Interviewee)
With original footage and interviews of survivors, witnesses, and participants, this film details the story of the 1979 Greensboro Massacre, in which Klansman shot, wounded and killed various members of a protesting Communist Workers Party in broad daylight on a city street. This was eventually addressed in 2006, through the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission within the U.S., which charged police complicity in the murders through their inaction, and their failure to provide equal protection. The film explores the meaning, repercussions, and unanswered questions of this crime, and its connection to the larger struggle of social reform
DVD Video, English, [2008]
Filmakers Library, New York, N.Y., [2008]