Front cover image for Human Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems : Current Theory and Methods

Human Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems : Current Theory and Methods

This book highlights human factors and engineering issues across real-world applications, concerning theory and methods of human performance in automated and autonomous systems. It covers how automation will transition to autonomy. It also provides bench-mark comparisons, and an in-depth expert reviews of context-related developments.
eBook, English, 2019
CRC Press LLC, Milton, 2019
1 online resource (341 pages)
9780429857423, 042985742X
Chapter 1 Designing Wearable Interfaces for People Who Have Hard Jobs. Chapter 2 Humans and Automated Decision Aids: A Match Made in Heaven? Chapter 3 The Quest for Alternatives to “Levels of Automation” and “Task Allocation”. Chapter 4 Why Representations Matter: Designing to Support Productive Thinking. Chapter 5 Vigilance and Workload in Automated Systems:Patterns of Association, Dissociation, and Insensitivity. Chapter 6 Theoretical Perspectives on Adaptive Automation. Chapter 7 Fatigue, Automation, and Autonomy: Challenges for Operator Attention, Effort, and Trust. Chapter 8 Human-Automation Interaction and the Challenge of Maintaining Situation Awareness in Future Autonomous Vehicles. Chapter 9 Human Factors Issues Regarding Automation Trust in UAS Operation, Selection, and Training. Chapter 10 Autonomous Systems Theory and Design and a Paradox of Automation for Safety. Chapter 11 Workload and Attention Management in Automated Vehicles. Chapter 12 Attention Management in Highly Autonomous Driving. Chapter 13 To Autonomy and Beyond. Chapter 14 Teleology for Technology. Chapter 15 The Axial Age of Artificial Autonomy.