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A "Strategic Analysis & Information Services Provider" with primary focus on data-driven forecasting and analysis based on "O.O.D.A Framework". We specialize in geopolitical affairs, global businesses and economic studies, global risk and security assessment. The focus is to build an intellectually stimulating platform which provides high-end analysis on various issues concerning global affairs- both traditional and non-traditional security concerns of the international system. Objective: IndraStra stands for "Absolute Freedom of Thought". In this view, the objective is to provide an inclusive platform for critical thinking, where every valid point from any part of the world will be given due credence irrespective of any biases. We as a group of Curators, Mentors, Global Security Analysts, Regional Security Analysts and Contributing Analyst - assimilate open source data, construct information blocks, analyze the deltas and derive a valid forecast by applying O.O.D.A (Observation - Orientation - Decision - Action) framework
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