Front cover image for Industry 4.0 - shaping the future of the digital world : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Smart Manufacturing (S2M 2019), 9-11 April 2019, Manchester, UK

Industry 4.0 - shaping the future of the digital world : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Smart Manufacturing (S2M 2019), 9-11 April 2019, Manchester, UK

The City of Manchester, once the birthplace of the 1st Industrial Revolution, is today a pioneering hub of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), offering Industry 4.0 solutions in advanced materials, engineering, healthcare and social sciences. Indeed, the creation of some of the city's greatest academic institutions was a direct outcome of the industrial revolution, so it was something of a homecoming that the Sustainable Smart Manufacturing (S2M) Conference was hosted by The University of Manchester in 2019. The conference was jointly organised by The University of Manchester, The University of Lisbon and The Polytechnic of Leiria - the latter two bringing in a wealth of expertise in how Industry 4.0 manifests itself in the context of sustainably evolving, deeply-rooted cities. S2M-2019 instigated the development of 61 papers selected for publication in this book on areas of Smart Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping, Materials for Healthcare Applications and Circular Economy, Design Education, and Urban Spaces
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Smart manufacturing
Towards adigital revolution in the UK apparel manufacturing: An industry 4.0perspective
Towards fault detection and self-healing of chemical processes over wireless sensor networks
Pattern recognition based on neural network for sign language interpretation system using flexes sensor
Aframework for intelligent monitoring and control of chemical processes with multi-agent systems The transport of domestic animals and the Internet of Things: Guidelines for the development of asmart carrier
Development of production monitoring systems on labor-intensive manufacturing industries
Importance of maturity assessments in promoting adoption of i4.0 concepts in SMEs
Fashion segment and Industry 4.0: Brazilian textile and clothing industry- perspective into the new industrial paradigms
Jumping to Industry 4.0 through process design and managing information for smart manufacturing: Configurable virtual workstation Aframework for Industry 4.0 implementation: Acase study at King Saud University
Health and safety in smart industry: State-of-the-art and future trends
based machine learning engine for smart real estate appraisal
Data analytics applied to sand casting foundry industries
The role of "JavaMach Cluster" to training for Industry 4.0
Machine learning approach for biological pattern based shell structures
Machine learning, the Internet of Things, and the seeds of un-behavioral operations: Conceptual bases for the industry of the future Two-phase methodology for smart reconfigurable assembly systems
Ascrew unfastening method for robotic disassembly
Using active adjustment and compliance in robotic disassembly
An ontology for sensors knowledge management in intelligent manufacturing systems
Long range RFID indoor positioning system with passive tags
Additive manufacturing and virtual prototyping
3D printing for sustainable construction
Galvanometer calibration using image processing for additive manufacturing
A multi-material extrusion nozzle for functionally graded concrete printing Analysis of 3D printed 17-4 PH stainless steel lattice structures with radially oriented cells
Control of process parameters for directed energy deposition of PH15-5 stainless steel parts
Investigation into post-processing electron beam melting parts using jet electrochemical machining
Manufacturing of ahollow propeller blade with WAAM process
from the material characterisation to the achievement
Fully 3D printed horizontally polarised omnidirectional antenna
Paper in architecture: The role of additive manufacturing
<P>Preface. Smart Manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping. Materials for Healthcare Applications and Circular Economy. Design Education. Urban Spaces.</P>