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Intelligent systems for next-generation manufacturing

Miran Brezočnik (Author), Miha Kovačič (Author), Mirko Ficko (Author)
In this paper we propose a fundamental shift from the present manufacturing paradigm favoring particularly determinism, rationalism, and top-down organizational principles towards intelligent systems in next-generation manufacturing involving phenomena such as non-determinism, emergence, learning, complexity, self-organization, and bottom-up organization. The problem types and different intelligent systems for solving of problems were studied. Two examples of the intelligent systems from the areas of metal forming industry and autonomous intelligent vehicles are given. Both systems are based on learning and imitate some excellent properties of the living systems. Genetic programming and genetic algorithms were used. The stable global order (i.e., solution) of each presented system gradually emerges as a result of interactions between entities of which the systetn consists and the environment
Article, English, 2004
Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering
str. 34-37.