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The Jemez Mountains region : New Mexico Geological Society, Forty-seventh Annual Field Conference, September 25-28, 1996 Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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The Jemez Mountains region : New Mexico Geological Society, Forty-seventh Annual Field Conference, September 25-28, 1996

Auteur : Fraser Goff; New Mexico Geological Society. Annual Field Conference
Éditeur: [Socorro, N.M.] : The Society, [©1996]
Collection: Guidebook (New Mexico Geological Society), 47th.
Édition/format:   Livre imprimé : Publication de conférence : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats

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Genre/forme: Conference papers and proceedings
Format – détails additionnels: Online version:
New Mexico Geological Society. Field Conference (47th : 1996 : Albuquerque, N.M.).
Jemez Mountains region.
[Socorro, N.M.] : The Society, [©1996]
Type d’ouvrage: Publication de conférence
Type de document: Livre
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs: Fraser Goff; New Mexico Geological Society. Annual Field Conference
Numéro OCLC: 36004754
Notes: "NMGS, 47th"--Spine.
Spine title: Jemez Mountains.
Description: x, 484 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 29 cm
Contenu: Dedication --
President's Message --
Editor's Message --
Committees --
Field Conference Schedule and Credits --
Road Logs --
First-day road log, from Bernalillo to San Ysidro, southern Nacimiento Mountains, Guadalupe Box, Jemez Springs, Valles caldera and Los Alamos / M.A. Rogers, B.S. Kues, F. Goff, F.J. Pazzaglia, L.A. Woodward, S.G. Lucas and J. Garner --
Minipapers: --
Contrasting depositional environments of the Morrison Formation and San Rafael Group in northern New Mexico / O.J. Anderson, S.G. Lucas and L.A. Woodward --
Selachian fauna from the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) Mancos Shale near San Ysidro, New Mexico / T.E. Williamson and B.S. Kues --
Tectonics of the Nacimiento uplift and adjacent areas / L.A. Woodward --
Travertine mound springs along the eastern margin of the San Juan basin, Sandoval County, New Mexico / R.D. Gardner, L.J. Crossey, A. Groffman and J. Sterling --
Warm Spring-the spring that wasn't / T.E. Kelly --
History of formation and drainage of Pleistocene lakes in the Valles caldera / J. Rogers, G.A. Smith and H. Rowe --
Late Paleozoic fossil vertebrates from the Spanish Queen mine locality and vicinity, Sandoval County, New Mexico / A.P. Hunt and S.G. Lucas --
Pennsylvanian cycles in the Madera Formation of Cañon de San Diego / D.R. Swenson --
Late Paleozoic chondrichthyans from the Abo Formation, Sandoval County, New Mexico / A.P. Hunt, S.G. Lucas and J. Zidek --
Pumice deposits in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico, and pumice mining in the Jemez National Recreation Area / M.A. Linden and D. Tafoya --
Overview of the fire history in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico / C.D. Allen, R. Touchan and T.W. Swetnam --
Second-day road log, from Los Alamos through Valles caldera and return / J.N. Gardner, F. Goff and M.A. Rogers --
Minipaper: --
Reservoir geochemistry from flow tests of scientific core holes, Sulphur Springs, Valles caldera / C.J. Janik and F. Goff --
Third-day road log, from Los Alamos through the southeastern Jemez Mountains via the Dome Road to Cochiti Pueblo and the Rio Grande / F. Goff, S. Reneau, M.A. Rogers, J.N. Gardner, G.A. Smith, D. Broxton, P. Longmire, G. WoldeGabriel, A. Lavine and S. Aby --
Minipapers: --
Distal tephras from the Jemez volcanic center as time-stratigraphic markers in ancestral Rio Grande sediments from the Socorro area / N.W. Dunbar, W.C. McIntosh, S.M. Cather, R.M. Chamberlin, B. Harrison and P.R. Kyle --
Characteristics of springs in the western Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico / M.R. Dale and S. Yanicak --
A brief history of the Cochiti mining district / D. Hoard --
The terraces of Cochiti Canyon / S.B. Aby --
The geology of Tent Rocks / G.A. Smith --
Road log references --
Articles --
Introduction and history --
Introduction: what are the "hot" earth science projects in the Jemez Mountains region? / F. Goff --
A history of Los Alamos, New Mexico / M.B. Chambers and L.K. Aldrich --
Structure, Tectonics, Geophysics and Economic Geology --
Paleotectonics of the late Paleozoic Peñasco uplift, Nacimiento region, northern New Mexico / L.A. Woodward --
Paleomagnetic studies in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico: a progress report on Quaternary volcanic rocks from Valles caldera VC-2A, Sulfur Springs, and Lower Permian strata in San Diego Canyon and from VC-2B / J.W. Geissman and H.J. Mullally --
Gravity modelling of the Valles caldera / D.A.G. Nowell --
Magnetotelluric tracing of crustal isotherms under the western margin of the Jemez Mountains using SAGE and industry data / G.R. Jiracek, C.L. Kinn, C.L. Scott, M.G. Kuykendall, W.S. Baldridge, S. Biehler, L.W. Braile, J.F. Ferguson and B. Gilpin --
Earthquake potential and ground shaking hazard at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico / I. Wong, K. Kelson, S. Olig, J. Bott, R. Gree, T. Kolbe, M. Hemphill-Haley, J. Gardner, S. Reneau and W. Silva --
The earthquake potential of the Pajarito fault system, New Mexico / S.S. Olig, K.I. Kelson, J.N. Gardner, S.L. Reneau and M. Hemphill-Haley --
Late Pleistocene and possibly Holocene displacement along the Rendija Canyon fault, Los Alamos County, New Mexico / K.I. Kelson, M.A. Hemphill-Haley, S.S. Olig, G.D. Simpson, J.N. Gardner, S.L. Reneau, T.R. Kolbe, S.L. Forman and I.G. Wong --
Mineral resources in the Jemez and Nacimiento Mountains, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe and Los Alamos Counties, New Mexico / Virginia T. McLemore --
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleontology --
Guide to the Late Pennsylvanian paleontology of the upper Madera Formation, Jemez Springs area, north-central New Mexico / B.S. Kues --
Isotopic and trace-element compositions of Pennsylvanian brachiopods from northern New Mexico / H.-S. Mii, T.E. Yancy and E.L. Grossman --
Stratigrfaphy and correlation of Triassic strataaround the Nacimiento and Jemez uplifts, northern New Mexico / S.G. Lucas and A.B. Heckert --
Stratigraphy and depositional environments of Middle and Upper Jurassic rocks, southeastern San Juan basin, New Mexico / O.J. Anderson and S.G. Lucas --
Volcaniclastic rocks of the Keres Group: insights into mid-Miocene volcanism and sedimentation in the southeastern Jemez Mountains / A. Lavine, G.A. Smith, F. Goff and W.C. McIntosh --
What is the Cochiti Formation? / G.A. Smith and A. Lavine --
Volcanology --
Geology of the northern Valles caldera and Toledo embayment, New Mexico / J.N. Gardner and F. Goff --
Heat flow in VC-2A and VC-2B, and constraints on the thermal regime of the Valles caldera, New Mexico / P. Morgan and J.H. Sass and R.D. Jacobson --
Outline of the petrology and geochemistry of the Keres Group lavas and tuffs / R. Ellisor, J. Wolff and J.N. Gardner --
Simultaneous phreatomagmatic and magmatic rholitic eruptions recorded in the late Miocene Peralta Tuff, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico / K.P. Gay and G.A. Smith --
Temporal and geochemical trends of lavas in White Rock Canyon and the Pajarito Plateau, Jemez volcanic field, New Mexico, USA / G. Wolde Gabriel, A.W. Laughlin, D.P. Dethier and M. Heizler --
Geochronology and geochemistry of the Cerro Toledo Rhyolite / T.L. Spell, P.R. Kyle and J. Baker --
Horblende-dacite pumice in teh Tshirege Member of the Bandelier Tuff: implications for magma chamber and eruptive processes / J.A. Stimac. Zonation of alkali feldspar compositions in teh Tshirege Member of the Bandelier Tuff in Pueblo Canyon, near Los Alamos, New Mexico / M.E. Caress --
Trace element distributions in the upper Bandelier Tuff, New Mexico: zircon zoning and implications for magmatic evolution of the Valles system / C. Werner, J.A. Stimac and D. Hickmott --
Distinguishing tectonic joints from cooling joints in the Bandelier Tuff (Pleistocene), Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos County, New Mexico / M.A. Rogers, K.E. Budding and C.V.L. Christie --
Quartz in post-caldera rhyolites of Valles caldera, New Mexico: ESR finger printing and discussion of ESR ages / S. Toyoda and F. Goff --
Field characteristics of the El Cajete pumice deposit and associated southwestern moat rhyolites of the Valles caldera / J.A. Wolff, J.N. Gardner and S.L. Reneau --
Geomorphology and Soils --
Pliocene and Quaternary history of the Rio Grande, White Rock Canyon and vicinity, New Mexico / S.L. Reneau and D.P. Dethier --
Buried early Pleistocene landscapes beneath the Pajarito Plateau, northern New Mexico / D.E. Broxton and S.L. Reneau --
Quaternary stratigraphy, tectonic geomorphology, and long-term landscape evolution of the southern Sierra Nacimiento, New Mexico / M.L. Formento-Trigilio and F.J. Pazzaglia --
Climatic influences on Quaternary alluvial stratigraphy and terrace formation in the Jemez River Valley / J.B. Rogers and R.A. Smartt --
General soil-landscape relationships and soil-forming processes in the Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos National Laboratory area, New Mexico / L.D. McFadden, P.M. Watt, R.T. Ryti and S.L. Reneau --
Eolian dust as a factor in soil development on the Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos area, northern New Mexico / P. Eberly, L.D. McFadden and P.M. Watt --
Erosion and deposition on the Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico, and implications for geomorphic responses to late Quaternary climate changes / S.L. Reneau, E.V. McDonald, J.N. Gardner, T.R. Kolbe, J.S. Carney, P.M. Watt and P.A. Longmire --
Holocene evolution of canyons and implications for contaminant transport, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico / P.G. Drakos, J. Lazarus and C. Inoue --
Hydrogeology and Hydrology --
Recharge to the Pajarito Plateau regional aquifer system / D.B. Rogers, A.K. Stoker, S.G. Mclin and M.B. Gallaher --
Vadose zone infiltration beneath the Pajarito Plateau at Los Alamos National Laboratory / D.B. Rogers, B.M. Gallaher and E.L. Vold --
Analysis of water level fluctuations in Pajarito Plateau wells / S.G. McLin --
The influence of topography, stratigraphy and barometric venting on the hydrology of unsaturated Bandelier Tuff / D.A. Neeper and R.H. Gikeson --
Runoff and erosion on the Pajarito Plateau: observations from the field / B.P. Wilcox, B.D. Newman, C.D. Allen, K.D. Reid, D. Brandes, J. Pitlich and D.W. Davenport --
Reference conditions for Los Alamos Laboratory streams using benthic macroinvertebrate assessment in upper Pajarito Canyon / R.E. Ford-Schmid --
Some fundamental hydrologic issues pertinent to environmental activities at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico / W.J. Stone --
Aqueous Geochemistry --
In situ tritium production and fluid mean residence times in the two subsystems of the Valles caldera hydrothermal system, New Mexico / L. Shevenell and F. Goff --
Application of the ³⁶Cl isotopic system to the tracing of hydrothermal fluids at Valles caldera, New Mexico / U. Rao, U. Fehn, F. Goff and R. Teng --
Preliminary assessment of radionuclide transport via storm-water runoff in Los Alamos Canyon, New Mexico / M.R. Dale --
Aqueous geochemistry of upper Los Alamos Canyon, Los Alamos, New Mexico / P.A. Longmire, S. Kung, J.M. Bock, A.I. Adams, F. Caporuscio and R.N. Gray --
Arsenic stratification in the Santa Fe Formation, Bernalillo, New Mexico / T.E. Kelly and S. Reinert.
Titre de collection: Guidebook (New Mexico Geological Society), 47th.
Responsabilité: editors, Fraser Goff [and others].


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