Front cover image for The Jews of Ireland; from earliest times to the year 1910

The Jews of Ireland; from earliest times to the year 1910

Print Book, English, 1972
Published jointly by the Jewish Historical Society of England, London and Israel Universities Press, Jerusalem, 1972
xix, 403 pages illustrations 22 cm
I. First settlement of Jews in Ireland
II. The middle period (1290-1659)
III. Readmission 1660-89
IV. Jews in the Boyne campaign
V. Dublin Ashkenazim under William and Anne
VI. Conversionist activity (1700-50)
VII. The reigns of George I and George II
VIII. Jewish disabilities
IX Marlborough Green synagogue
X. Irish provincial Jewry (1740-80)
XI. Anglo-Jewish notabilities in Dublin (1740-1804)
XII. Interregnum (1791-1821)
XIII. Resettlement (1822-35); Stafford Street
XIV. Mary's abbey synagogue
XV. Co-operation with the Irish, 19th century
XVI. Spiritual leaders in Dublin (1820-80)
XVII Dublin Jewish families (1836-66)
XVIII. Dublin Jews in liberal professions (1830-1900)
XIX. Dublin communal leaders (1860-1900)
XX. Dublin retrospect (1820-80)
XXI. East European immigrants (1881-1901)
XXII Jewish backgrounds of Ulysses
XXIII. Zionist and educational activities, 19th century
XXIV. The Jews of Belfast (1840-1900)
XXV. The Jews of Limerick in the 19th century
XXVI. The Jews of Cork (1845-1900)