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Landmark essays on writing centers

The writing clinic and the writing laboratory / R.H. Moore -- One-on-one, Iowa City style / L. Kelly -- Whatœs up and whatœs in / M. Harris -- What do we talk about when we talk about our metaphors / P. Carino -- Writing center directors / G. Olson, E. Ashton-Jones -- What lies ahead for writing centers / J. Simpson -- Writing centers / J. Summerfield -- The idea of a writing center / S.M. North -- Peer tutoring and the "Conservation of mankind" / K.A. Bruffee -- Writing as a social process / L. Ede -- Collaboration, control, and the idea of a writing center / A. Lunsford -- Writing centers in context / C. Murphy -- Writing center ecology / A.M. Gillam -- Really useful knowledge / M. Cooper -- War, peace, and writing center administration / J. Simpson, S. Braye and B. Boquet -- A defense of dualism / D. Healy -- The writing centerœs role in the writing across the curriculum program / R. Wallace -- Writing centers and writing-for-learning / R. Leahy -- The politics of peer tutoring / H. Kail and J. Trimbur -- Whispers of coming and going / A. DiPardo -- The politics of tutoring / M. Woolbright
Print Book, English, 1995
Hermagoras Press, Davis, CA, 1995
xvi, 261 pages ; 26 cm.
9781880393222, 1880393220
Contents: C. Murphy, J. Law, Introduction: Landmark Essays on Writing Centers (1994). Part I:Historical Perspectives.R.H. Moore, The Writing Clinic and the Writing Laboratory (1950). L. Kelly, One-on-One, Iowa City Style: Fifty Years of Individualized Instruction in Writing (1980). M. Harris, What's Up and What's In: Trends and Traditions in Writing Centers (1990). P. Carino, What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Our Metaphors: A Cultural Critique of Clinic, Lab and Center (1992). G. Olson, E. Ashton-Jones, Writing Center Directors: The Search for Professional Status (1984). J. Simpson, What Lies Ahead for Writing Centers: Position Statement on Professional Concerns (1985). J. Summerfield, Writing Centers: A Long View (1988). Part II:Theoretical Foundations.S.M. North, The Idea of a Writing Center (1984). K.A. Bruffee, Peer Tutoring and the "Conversation of Mankind" (1984). L. Ede, Writing as a Social Process: A Theoretical Foundation for Writing Centers? (1989). A. Lunsford, Collaboration, Control, and the Idea of a Writing Center (1991). C. Murphy, Writing Centers in Context: Responding to Current Educational Theory (1991). A.M. Gillam, Writing Center Ecology: A Bakhtinian Perspective (1991). M. Cooper, Really Useful Knowledge: A Cultural Studies Agenda for Writing Centers (1994). Part III:Writing Center Praxis.J. Simpson, S. Braye, B. Boquet, War, Peace, and Writing Center Administration. D. Healy, A Defense of Dualism: The Writing Center and the Classroom (1993). R. Wallace, The Writing Center's Role in the Writing Across the Curriculum Program: Theory and Practice (1989). R. Leahy, Writing Centers and Writing-for-Learning (1989). H. Kail, J. Trimbur, The Politics of Peer Tutoring (1987). A. DiPardo, "Whispers of Coming and Going": Lessons From Fannie (1992). M. Woolbright, The Politics of Tutoring: Feminism Within the Patriarchy (1992).