Front cover image for Legend of the lost

Legend of the lost

Ian P. Buckingham (Author)
Whilst on a family holiday at Mermaid Cottage in a Cornish village, sisters Holly and Lucy Savage stumble across a magical moonstone which reveals that their family might not be as ordianry as it seems. The find themselves drawn on a challenging journey that takes them from the coast through the Ashridge Forest where they uncover unique powers, qualities, alter egos and magical artifacts that not only help them solve the mystery of their family's past, but transports them into a world where fairy-folk, humans, changelings and other enchanted creatures overlap. Each discovery brings a challenge and they soon find themselves at the centre of a greater war with dark forces. This threatens to throw the magical world into a terrible conflict with the natural kingdom and humans, and it becomes clear that the outcome will decide the future of their unique family
Print Book, English, 2018
The Book Guild Ltd, Kibworth, Leicestershire, 2018