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Locating queerness in the media : a new look

Jane Campbell (Editor), Theresa Carilli (Editor)
Locating Queerness in the Media: A New Look examines how media images of the LGBTQ community create a universal consciousness about the existence of queer people, ranging from tragic and villainous to upbeat and courageous. In this book, contributors explore how our media world invites a tension that marginalizes the LGBTQ community. It examines what a queer sensibility means and how the queer community is creating new ways to study itself. Throughout the book, contributors explore specific media images that resonate throughout the media, casting the community in a particular manner. Ultimately, its goal is to promote an understanding of the LGBTQ community.--Publisher website
Print Book, English, 2017
Lexington Books, Lanham, Maryland, 2017
xiv, 196 pages ; 24 cm
9781498549059, 9781498549066, 9781498549073, 1498549055, 1498549063, 1498549071
Introduction / Jane Campbell and Theresa Carilli
I. Perspectives on queerness and media : Locating queerness in the media: markers of a queer-centric approach to studying media / Theresa Carilli
A state of the union: LGBTQ representations and the concept of community / Bruce E. Drushel
II. Locating queerness in television and music : Homophobic tropes, class structure, and queer sexuality: problematizing Downton Abbey's "hot gay villain" / Stephanie L. Young
Relishing the contradictions: the intentionality of black-ish / Judy l. Isaksen
Bulldykes don't dance: hand-me-down homophobia and racism in Orange is the new black / Collette Morrow
Grace and Frankie's "Armagayddon": coming out after 50 in the new millennium / Lori l. Montalbano
True niggaz ain't quare: an examination of black gay male rappers and hip-hop authenticity / Melvin L. Williams and Verdell A. Wright
III. Locating queerness in trans-texts : Transitioning stories about transitioning genders: tracing generic forms and their implications in trans autobiographies / Erika M. Thomas
Being a trans woman & being with a trans woman in Turkish erotic stories: desire as sites of regulation / Ali E. Erol
IV. Locating queerness in film : Suffocation and desire: The children's hour and Carol / Jane Campbell
Moving images & affectivities: the multiple subjectivities of Madame Behave / Jamie A. Lee
A delicate balance: queer masculinities in contemporary Brazilian film / Simone Cavalcante Da Silva