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Marxist perspectives in the sociology of education

The major theories explored are those concerned with social mobility and those which derive from a relativist position in Sociology, both of which see education as a selection mechanism for a stratified society. Social class, family, sociolinguistics and schools are among the topics discussed. In this analysis the author: defines key areas in the sociology of education gives access to important concepts of Marx and Engels strengthens sociological starting points by adding a Marxist element discriminates between radically different directions in education maps the main features of long-term wor
eBook, English, 2012
Routledge, London, 2012
1 online resource (viii, 208 pages)
9781136468186, 9780203128312, 1136468188, 0203128311
1. Marxism and the culture concept
2. Social structure
3. Industrial societies and education
4. Social mobility or social revolution?
5. Social class and education
6. Family, class and education
7. Language and deprivation
8. Sociology and schools
9. Marxist universalism
Originally published: London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1974