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Modern love : 50 true and extraordinary tales of desire, deceit and devotion

A compilation of fifty essays from the popular "Modern Love" column in "The New York Times" explores the intricacies and complications of negotiating love and loss in the twenty-first century
Print Book, English, ©2007
Three Rivers Press, New York, ©2007
xvi, 373 pages ; 21 cm
9780307351043, 0307351041
Pt. I. Seeking : r we d8ing? (No? No? No? Let me read between the lines / Steve Friedman
Traveling the too-much-information highway / Heather L. Hunter
A Prince Charming for the prom (not ever after, though) / Frank Paiva
R we d8ing? / Sandra Barron
Who's that lady in the bedroom, Daddy? / Trey Ellis
I seemed plucky and game, even to myself / Mindy Hung
Misery loves fried chicken, too / Mark McDevitt
So he looked like Dad. It was just dinner, right? / Abby Sher
Like new! (with a few broken parts) / Irene Sherlock)
pt. II. Finding : I think I love you (Loved and lost? It's okay, especially if you win / Veronica Chambers
Hear the wedding march often enough, you fall in step / Larry Smith
Two men, baby on the way, and me / Rebecca Eckler
The third half of a couple / Howie Kahn
Elvis and my husband have left the building / Liza Monroy
Our bodies, our imaginations / Jean Braithwaite
Three men and a woman / Stephen Elliott
A go-between gets going / Kirsten Allen Major)
pt. III. Breeding : what to expect that you're least expecting (DJ's homeless mommy / Dan Savage
His genes hold gifts. Mine carry risk / Bonnie J. Rough
Online images open a heart, then a home / Debora Spar
Sending a lost boy to the wilderness to find himself / Richard Reiss
Looking for love at the sperm bank / Linda Dackman
Now I need a place to hide away / Ann Hood
The new nanny diaries are online / Helaine Olen
Something like motherhood / Carolyn Megan
Adolescence, without a roadmap / Claire Scovell LaZebnik)
pt. IV. Staying : the ties that bind (A body scarred, a marriage healed / Autumn Stephens
Truly, madly, guiltily / Ayelet Waldman
Back from the front, with honor, a warrior's truth / Helen Gerhardt
Sleeping with the guitar player / Jean Hanff Korelitz
Out from under the influence / Kevin Cahillane
Jill and Jill live on the hill, but one must boil the water / Tzivia Gover
The day the house blew up / Ronald K. Fried
Two Decembers : loss and redemption / Anne Marie Feld)
pt. V. Leaving : the ties that fray (The chicken's in the oven, my husband's out the door / Theo Pauline Nestor
Witness to a wedding that wasn't / Jennie Yabroff
So handsome, so clever, so gone / Martha Moffett
A reincarnation, and just when I didn't need one / Robin Hemley
Losing custody of my hope / Katie Allison Granju
How could I tell him what I knew? How could i not? / Sara Pepitone
Paradise lost (domestic division) / Terry Martin Hekker
A leap of faith / Renee Watabe)
"With story updates and an introduction by the editor."