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Nobody passes : rejecting the rules of gender and conformity

Nobody Passes is a collection of essays that confronts and challenges the very notion of belonging. By examining the perilous intersections of identity, categorization, and community, contributors challenge societal mores and countercultural norms. Nobody Passes explores and critiques the various systems of power seen (or not seen) in the act of "passing." In a pass-fail situation, standards for acceptance may vary, but somebody always gets trampled on. This anthology seeks to eliminate the pressure to pass and thereby unearth the delicious and devastating opportunities for transformation that might create. Mattilda, aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore, has a history of editing anthologies based on brazen nonconformity and gender defiance. Mattilda sets out to ask the question, "What lies are people forced to tell in order to gain acceptance as 'real'?" The answers are as varied as the life experiences of the writers who tackle this urgent and essential topic. -- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, ©2006
Seal Press, Emeryville, CA, ©2006
354 pages ; 23 cm
9781580051842, 1580051847
Reaching too far : an introduction / Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore
All mixed up with no place to go : inhabiting mixed consciousness on the margins / Nico Dacumos
Friction burn : a nonfiction admission / Stacey May Fowles
Who's that wavin' that flag? : on the signs, stories, and strategies of the current immigrant rights movement / Jessica Hoffmann
Undermining gender regulation / Dean Spade
Passing last summer / Dominika Bednarska
Innocent victims and brave new laws : state protection and the battered women's movement / Priya Kandaswamy
Different types of hunger : finding my way through generations of Okie migration / Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
What I learned from being G minus in the world of homohop commerce / Ralowe T. Ampu
No longer just American / Stephanie Abraham
The end of genderqueer / Rocko Bulldagger
My kind of cruising / Liz Rosenfeld
Pino's father / Tommi Avicolli Mecca
Trans-portation / Terre Thaemlitz
Melchizedek's three rings / Carole McDonnell
Behind these mascaraed eyes : passing life in prison / Nikki Lee Diamond
Race haunted, otherwise / Eric Stanley
Why Mahmud can't be a pilot / Naeem Mohaiemen
F2mestizo / Logan Gutierrez-Mock
Persephone / Helen Boyd
Hat / Tucker Lieberman
"And then you cut your hair" : genderfucking on the femme side of the spectrum / Amy André and sandy Chang
Surface tensions / Jen Cross
Origins / Kirk Read
Lack of close friends or confidants / Jennifer Blowdryer
From hot pink to code pink : notes on passing for monolingual folk / Irina Contreras
Not quite queer / Benjamin Shepard