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Nothing less than literal : architecture after minimalism

"In Nothing Less than Literal, Mark shows how minimalist art of the 1960s was infiltrated by architecture, resulting in a reconfiguration of the disciplines of both art and architecture. Linder traces the exchange of concepts and techniques between architecture and art through a reading of the work of critics Clement Greenberg, Colin Rowe, Michael Fried, and the artist-writer Robert Smithson, and then locates a recuperation of "the architecture of minimalism" in the contemporary work of John Hejduk and Frank Gehry."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2004
MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., ©2004
282 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780262122665, 0262122669
Blankly visual : Colin Rowe's pictorial impropriety
Flatly confused : Clement Greenberg's formalism across disciplines
Incredibly convincing : Michael Fried's denial of architecture
Non-sitely windows : Robert Smithson's architectural criticism
Obliquely dense : John Hejduk's wall house
Dumbly building : Frank Gehry's architectural identity