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Outing : shattering the conspiracy of silence

Warren Johansson (Author), William A. Percy (Author)
"Here is the most complete book on outing--the exposure of closet homosexual cases in high places. Outing: Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence is the first historicist treatment of the intolerance of homosexuality in any language. Authors Johansson and Percy analyze the subject from the perspective of the shifting religious attitudes toward homosexual expression. They do not blithely parrot the "right to privacy," but examine the dialectical meaning of privacy. This provocative book focuses on the irreconcilable opposition between the belief in privacy and the assumption of Christian theology that all homosexual activity is visible to the God whose wrath it provokes."--Publisher
Print Book, English, 1994
Haworth Press, New York, 1994
x, 341 pages ; 23 cm.
9781560244196, 9781560230410, 1560244194, 156023041X
Outing: what it means and how it came to mean it
Why outing came about
Behind the mask: the American homophile movement (1945-1969)
Gay Pride: out of the closets and into the streets! (1969-1980)
The 1980s: outing by AIDS
Outing by activists (the 1990s)
To out or not to out : that is the question
Tactical guide to outing
Appendix: The legal side of outing
The Cushing Library/Women & Gender Studies copy was acquired as part of The Don Kelly Research Collection of Gay Literature and Culture