Front cover image for Resource sharing today : a practical guide to interlibrary loan, consortial circulation, and global cooperation

Resource sharing today : a practical guide to interlibrary loan, consortial circulation, and global cooperation

Corinne Nyquist (Author)
Budget constraints challenge collection development in unprecedented ways. Collection development has increasingly become a cooperative effort among libraries in geographic proximity. When their own library doesn't have certain books or journals, users turn to interlibrary loan to obtain the resources they need. However, many library science degree programs don't cover interlibrary loan. Resource Sharing Today is a practical guide to resource sharing starting with the library across town and ending with libraries on the other side of the globe. Chapters cover everything from the ALA's interlibrary loan form to successful innovations such as Virginia Tech's ILLiad to New York's IDS (Information Delivery Service). Appendices include regional, state, national, and international ILL codes, ALA and IFLA forms, open access agreements, and purchase on demand plans
Print Book, English, 2014
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, 2014
x, 213 pages ; 24 cm
9780810893160, 9780810888036, 0810893169, 0810888033
Teaching one another ILL since the library schools don't do it
MARC: Library of Congress did it and changed it, and it affects ILL
OCLC: how to get them to listen to us
Innovation can come from us: ILLIad is one example
Rethinking library resource sharing: The future of interlibrary loans
Don't just say "no" when faced with rules and policies
Showing users what they missed in the library: ILL as reference
Buy or borrow?: Getting what the patron needs
Conundrums: Confusing and difficult problem or question
Going global: It's easier than you think
On-the-spot interlibrary loan
Enhancing discovery: Taking responsibility at the local level
Appendix A. Code of ethics of the American Library Association
Appendix B. Interlibrary loan code for the United States
Appendix C. Interlibrary loan code for the United States explanatory supplement
Appendix D. ALA and ARL response to the Section 108 Study Group Regarding Interlibrary Loan and Other Copies for Users
Appendix E. Interlibrary loans : ALA library fact sheet number 8
Appendix F. Five things every new resource-sharing librarian should know
Appendix G. About IFLA
Appendix H. IFLA guidelines for best practice in interlibrary loan and document delivery
Appendix I. Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS) fact sheet, Illinois State Library