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Rethinking nationalism in the Arab Middle East

Today's discourse on nationalism is engaged by dynamic theoretical models derived from studies in literary criticism, cultural anthropology, socioeconomics, and psychology. This is the first book of its kind to apply this new theoretical framework to the Arab Middle East, with essays by Beth Baron, Fred Halliday, Rashid Khalidi, and Emmanuel Sivan.
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Acknowledgments Introduction, by Israel Gershoni and James Jankowski Part I. Narrativity I: Mechanics of Historiography: How Academics Construct Nationalist History 1. Rethinking the Formation of Arab Nationalism in the Middle East, 1920-1945: Old and New Narratives, by Israel Gershoni 2. The Formation of Yemeni Nationalism: Initial Reflections, by Fred Halliday 3. The Tropes of Stagnation and Awakening in Nationalist Historical Consciousness: The Egyptian Case, by Gabriel Piterberg Part II. Narrativity II: Mechanics of Ideology: How Nationalists Construct Nationalist History 4. The Arab Nationalism of George Antonius Reconsidered, by William L. Cleveland 5. The Imposition of Nationalism on a Non-Nation State: The Case of Iraq During the Interwar Period, 1921-1941, by Reeva S. Simon 6. Nationalist Iconography: Egypt as a Woman, by Beth Baron Part III. Discursive Competitions: The Interplay of Rival Nationalist Visions 7. Nationalizing the Pharaonic Past: Egyptology, Imperialism, and Egyptian Nationalism, 1922-1952, by Donald M. Reid 8. Arab Nationalism in "Nasserism" and Egyptian State Policy, 1952-1958, by James Jankowski Part IV. Polycentrism 9. The Formation of Palestinian Identity: The Critical Years, 1917-1923, by Rashid Khalidi 10. The Palestinians: Tensions Between Nationalist and Religious Identities, by Musa Budeiri 11. Arab Nationalism in the Age of the Islamic Resurgence, by Emmanuel Sivan Part V. Nationalist Diffusion from the Bottom Up: Other Voices 12. The Other Arab Nationalism: Syrian/Arab Populism in Its Historical and International Contexts, by James L. Gelvin 13. Arab Workers and Arab Nationalism in Palestine: A View from Below, by Zachary Lockman 14. The Paradoxical in Arab Nationalism: Interwar Syria Revisited, by Philip S. Khoury Notes Glossary of Arabic Terms Works Cited in the Text Contributors Index
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