Front cover image for RISE OF CHANCE IN EVOLUTIONARY THEORY : a pompous parade of arithmetic

RISE OF CHANCE IN EVOLUTIONARY THEORY : a pompous parade of arithmetic

The Rise of Chance in Evolutionary Theory: A Pompous Parade of Arithmetic explores a pivotal conceptual moment in the history of evolutionary theory: the development of its extensive reliance on a wide array of concepts of chance. It tells the history of a methodological and conceptual development that reshaped our approach to natural selection over a century, ranging from Darwin's earliest notebooks in the 1830s to the early years of the Modern Synthesis in the 1930s. Far from being a "pompous parade of arithmetic, as one early critic argued, evolution transformed during this period to make these conceptual and technical tools indispensable. This book charts the role of chance in evolutionary theory from its beginnings to the earliest days of modern evolutionary theory, making it an ideal resource for evolutionary biologists, historians, philosophers, and researchers in science studies or biological statistics
Print Book, English, 2022
Evolution (Biology)
9780323912914, 0323912915
Chance governs the descent of a farthing: Charles Darwin
The wonderful form of cosmic order: Francis Galton
The only ultimate test of the theory of natural selection: The early years of biometry
Here is the true gospel: Biometry after Mendelism
Reconciling the biometrical conclusions: Evolution from 1906 to 1918
What natural selection must be doing: R. A. Fisher's early synthesis
Conclusions, historiographical and philosophical