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Romance of the three kingdoms

Romance of the three kingdoms

Author: Guanzhong Luo; C H Brewitt-Taylor
Publisher: Boston : Tuttle Pub. ; North Clarendon, Vt. : Distributed in North America by Tuttle Pub., ©2002.
Edition/Format:   Print book : Fiction : EnglishView all editions and formats
From the Publisher: The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is Lo Kuan-chung's retelling of the events attending the fall of the Han Dynasty in 220 A.D., one of the most tumultuous and fascinating periods in Chinese history. It is an epic saga of brotherhood and rivalry, of loyalty and treachery, of victory and death. As important for Chinese culture as the Homeric epics have been for the West, this fourteenth-century  Read more...

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Genre/Form: Fictional Work
Historical fiction
Epic fiction
Romans épiques
Romans, nouvelles, etc
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: Guanzhong Luo; C H Brewitt-Taylor
ISBN: 0804834679 9780804834674 0804834687 9780804834681
OCLC Number: 52419592
Notes: Originally published: Charles E. Tuttle, 1959; completely reset and with new introd.
Description: 2 volumes ; 21 cm
Contents: Volume 1: Introduction --
Translator's note --
1: Feast in the garden of peaches: brotherhood sworn: slaughter of rebels: the brothers heroes --
2: Official is thrashed; Uncle Ho plots to kill the Eunuchs --
3: Tung Cho silences Ting Yuan: Li Su bribes Lu Pu --
4: Deposition of the emperor: prince of Ch'en-liu becomes emperor: schemes against Tung Cho: Meng-te presents a sword --
5: Sending out the call: many respond: destroying an army: the three brothers fight against Lu Pu --
6: Burning the capital, Tung Cho commits an atrocity: hiding the seal, Sun Chien breaks faith --
7: Yuan Shao fights with Kungsun Tsan at P'anho: Sun Chien attacks Liu Piao --
8: Governor Wang prepares the "chain" scheme: Tung Cho's rages at the Fengi pavilion --
9: Lu Pu helps to suppress disorder: Chia Hsu counsels an attack on the capital --
10: Ma T'eng serves his country well: Ts'ao Ts'ao avenges his father's murder --
11: Liu, the emperor's uncle, rescues K'ung Jung: Lu, Marquis of Wen, defeats Ts'ao Ts'ao --
12: Prefect T'ao thrice offers his charge: Ts'ao Ts'ao fights a great battle --
13: Great battle between Li Ts'ui and Kuo Ssu: the emperor rescued --
14: Ts'ao Meng-te moves the court: Lu Feng-hsien raids Hsuchun --
15: T'aishih Tzu fights for friendship's sake: Sun Pofu does battle with Yen, the white tiger --
16: Feat of archery: a battle lost at Yushui river --
17: Army of seven divisions marches out: three generals are brought together --
18: Chia Hsu engineers a great victory: Hsiahou Tun loses an eye --
19: Ts'ao Ts'ao fights at Hsiap'ei: Lu Pu perishes at the white gate tower --
20: Ts'ao A-man organizes a hunting expedition: Tung, "state uncle," receives a command in the palace --
21: Ts'ao Ts'ao discusses heroes: Kuan Yu slays Ch'e Chou --
22: Yuan and Ts'ao both take the field: the two brothers capture two captains --
23: Mi Heng slips his garment and rails at traitors: cruel punishment of the physician Chi --
24: Murder of a Kuei-fei: Liu Pei defeated: flight to Yuan Shao --
25: From T'ushan camp Kuan Yu makes three conditions: the rescue at Paima releases Ts'ao Ts'ao --
26: Yuan Shao is defeated and loses a leader: Kuan Yu abandons rank and wealth --
27: Beautiful beard rides on a solitary journey: and slays six men at five passes --
28: Ts'ai Yang put to death, the brothers' doubts disappear: meeting at Kuch'eng, lord and liege fortify each other --
29: Little chief of the feudal lords slays Yu Chi: the "blue-eyed boy" lays hold on Chiangtung --
30: Yuan Shao defeated at the ferry: Ts'ao Ts'ao burns the Wuch'ao granaries --
31: Ts'ao Ts'ao overcomes Yuan Shao: Liu Pei seeks shelter with Liu Piao --
32: Ch'ichou taken: Yuan Shang strives: the Chang river cut: Hsu Yu's scheme --
33: Ts'ao P'ei finds a wife: a plan for settling Liaotung --
34: Woman overhears a secret: a warrior leaps a stream --
35: Yuan-te meets a recluse at Nanchang: Tan Fu meets a noble lord at Hsinyeh --
36: Capture of Fanch'eng: Chuko Liang recommended --
37: Another scholar introduced: the three visits to the recluse --
38: Plan for three kingdoms: the Suns avenge themselves --
39: At Chingchou the son of Liu Piao thrice begs advice: at Powang slope the master directs his first battle --
40: Lady Ts'ai discusses the renunciation of Chingchou: Chuko Liang burns Hsinyeh --
41: Liu Pei leads his people over the river: Chao Yun rescues his lord --
42: Chang Fei's great fight at Ch'angpan slope: Liu Pei, defeated, goes to Hanchingk'ou --
43: Chuko Liang disputes with the scholars: Lu Su denounces the majority opinion --
44: K'ung-ming stirs Chou Yu to action: Sun Ch'uan decides to attack Ts'ao Ts'ao --
45: Ts'ao Ts'ao loses soldiers: Chiang Kan victim of a ruse --
46: K'ung-ming "borrows" some arrows: Huang Kai accepts a punishment --
47: K'an Tse presents the treacherous letter: P'an T'ung suggests chaining the ships together --
48: Banquet on the Yangtse; Ts'ao Ts'ao's song: the Northern men fight on the chained ships --
49: On the seven stars altar Chuko sacrifices to the winds: at the three rivers Chou Yu liberates fire --
50: Chuko Liang foresees the Huayung episode: Kuan Yun-ch'ang releases Ts'ao Ts'ao --
51: Great battle between North and South K'ung-ming angers Chou Yu --
52: Chuko Liang talks cunningly to Lu Su: Chao Yun, by a ruse, captures Kueiyang --
53: Kuan Yu, from a sense of righteousness, releases Huang Chung: Sun Ch'uan fights a great battle with Chang Liao --
54: Dowager marchioness sees her son-in-law at a temple: Liu, the imperial uncle, takes a worthy consort --
55: Yuan-te rouses the spirit of his bride: K'ung-ming a second time angers his rival --
56: Banquet in the Bronze bird pavilion: K'ung-ming provokes Chou Yu a third time --
57: Sleeping dragon mourns at Ch'aisang: "Phoenix fledgeling" intervenes at Leiyang --
58: Expedition for revenge: expedients to conceal identity --
59: Hsu Ch'u strips for a fight with Ma Ch'ao: Ts'ao Ts'ao writes a letter to sow dissension --
60: Chang Sung turns the tables on Yang Hsiu: occupation of Shu discussed. Volume 2: 61: Rescue of O'tou by Chao Yun: Ts'ao Ts'ao repulsed by a letter --
62: Taking of Fou Pass: Yang and Kao slain: siege of Lo City: Huang and Wei rivals --
63: Chuko Liang mourns for P'ang T'ung: Chang Fei releases Yen Yen --
64: Plan for the capture of Chang Jen: borrowing soldiers to destroy Ma Ch'ao --
65: Great battle at Chiaming Pass: Liu Pei takes the governorship of Ichou --
66: Kuan Yu goes to feast alone, but armed: Fu Huang-hou dies for the state --
67: Ts'ao Ts'ao conquers Hanchung: Chang Liao spreads terror at Chaoyao Ford --
68: Kan Ning's hundred horsemen raid the enemy's camp: Tso Tz'u's flung-down cup fools Ts'ao Ts'ao --
69: Kuan Lu takes the Sortes by the "book of changes": loyal subjects die for their country --
70: Fierce Chang Fei takes a position by Guile: aged Huang Chung captures a Hilly by Stratagem --
71: At the capture of Tui Hill Huang Chung scores a success: on the Han waters Chao Yun conquers a host --
72: Chuko Liang's wit takes Hanchung: Ts'ao a-man's army retires up Hsiehku --
73: Yuan-te becomes prince of Hanchung: Yun-ch'ang attacks and occupies Hsiangyang --
74: P'ang Te takes his coffin on a campaign: Kuan Yu drowns his enemies --
75: Surgery on a wounded arm: Lu Meng in a white robe crosses the river --
76: Hsu fights on the Mein river: Kuan retreats to Maich'eng --
77: Kuan Yu manifests his sacred character at the Jade Fount hill: Ts'ao Ts'ao is possessed at Loyang --
78: Hua T'o, treating Ts'ao Ts'ao, himself dies: Ts'ao Ts'ao's last words and death --
79: Cruel brother: a poem: an undutiful nephew: punishment --
80: Deposition of the emperor: the prince of Han Chung claims to be the true successor --
81: Chang Fei assassinated: the first ruler goes to war --
82: Sun Ch'uan submits to Wei and is rewarded: the first ruler attacks Wu and rewards his army --
83: Fighting at Hsiaot'ing: the first ruler captures certain enemies: defence of Chiangk'ou: a student accepts supreme command --
84: Lu Hsun burns his enemy's camps: K'ung-ming plans the eight arrays --
85: Liu, the first ruler, confides his son to K'ung-ming's care: Chuko Liang peacefully settles the five attacks --
86: Philosophical encounter: fire used to destroy Ts'ao Pei's army --
87: K'ung-ming's Southern expedition: the king of the Mans --
88: Crossing the River Lu: binding of the barbarian king: recognizing a pretended surrender capture of Menghuo --
89: K'ung-ming's successful fourth ruse: the king of Mans captured for the fifth time --
90: Wild beasts as warriors: K'ung-ming's sixth victory: burning of the Rattan army: seventh capture of the king --
91: Sacrifice at Lu Shui: homeward march: attack on the capital: Chuko's memorial --
92: Chao Yun slays five captains: K'ung-ming craftily takes three cities --
93: Chiang Wei goes over to K'ung-ming: K'ung-ming reviles Wang Lang, who dies --
94: Chuko Smites the barbarians in a snowstorm: Ssuma quickly captures Meng Ta --
95: Ma Su's wrangling loses Chieht'ing: K'ung-ming's Lute repulses Ssuma --
96: K'ung-Ming weeps, but puts Ma Su to death: Chou Fang cuts off his hair and beguiles Ts'ao Hsiu --
97: K'ung-ming proposes to renew the attack on Wei: Chiang Wei defeats an army by means of a forged letter --
98: Death of Wang Shuang: K'ung-ming's victory at Ch'ents'ang --
99: Chuko Liang wins a great victory: Ssuma I invades Shu --
100: Han soldiers raid a camp and defeat Ts'ao Chen: Chuko, in front of the Array, shames Ssuma --
101: Going out from Shensi, Chuko dresses as a god: dashing toward Chienko, Chang Ho falls into a snare --
102: Ssuma occupies the river banks: Chuko constructs "bullocks" and "horses" --
103: Ssuma surrounded in Shangfang Valley: Chuko invokes the stars in the Wuchang plain --
104: Star falls as Chuko Liang ascends to heaven: a wooden image affrights Ssuma I --
105: Plan of the silken bag: the bronze statue with the dew bowl --
106: Defeat and death of Kungsun Yuan: pretended illness of Ssuma I --
107: Ssuma I recovers political power: Chiang Wei is defeated at Niut'ou hills --
108: Ting Feng's swordsmen win a victory in the snow: Sun Hsun executes a murderous plan at a banquet --
109: Ssuma surrounded: a Han leader employs an unexpected ruse: the king dethroned: retribution for the Wei family --
110: Wen Yang repulses the enemy: Chiang Wei defeats his opponent --
111: Teng Ai outwits Chiang Wei: Chuko Tan thinks it is his duty to destroy Ssuma Chao --
112: Yu Ch'uan dies nobly at Shouch'un: Chiang Wie fights fiercely at Ch'angch'eng --
113: Ting Feng's plan to stay Sun Ch'en: Chiang Wei defeats Teng Ai --
114: King Mao drives to his death: Chiang Wei abandons stores and conquers --
115: King listens to slander and recalls his army: Chiang Wei takes command of the Cantonments and escapes death --
116: Chung Hui divides his army: apparition of Wu Hou --
117: Teng gets through Yinp'ing pass: Chuko dies at Mienchu --
118: Filial prince dies: jealousy between leaders --
119: False desertion: a subtle scheme: a second abdication resembles the first --
120: Veteran offers new plans: Sun Hao surrenders and the three states re-unite.
Other Titles: San guo zhi yan yi.
Responsibility: Lo Kuan-chung ; translated by C.H. Brewitt-Taylor ; with an introduction by Robert E. Hegel.
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This text represents Kuan-Chung Lo's retelling of the events attending the fall of the Han Dynasty in 220 AD. It is an epic saga of brotherhood and rivalry, loyalty and treachery, victory and death  Read more...


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"One of the greatest and best-loved works of popular literature." -Dictionary of Oriental Literatures

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