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Salz review : an independent review of Barclays' business practices

"The Board of Barclays PLC (Barclays) announced in July 2012 that it had commissioned this independent external Review of its business practices. The Review's mandate is to determine how Barclays can rebuild trust and develop business practices which make it a leader, not only among its banking peers, but also among multinational corporates more generally. The Review was commissioned as an independent assessment of Barclays' values, principles and standards of operation. It has considered Barclays' Board governance, organisation and operating model, as well as its culture, people management and pay arrangements, and its risk and control systems. It also considered a number of significant 'events' which appear to have materially affected Barclays' reputation but its purpose was not to prove or disprove any allegations surrounding those events. Instead, it observed whether the events pointed to a gap between Barclays' articulated values and the way the bank operated in practice, and recommended actions to reduce the likelihood of similar events occurring in the future."
eBook, English, 2013
Barclays PLC, London, 2013