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Vydavatel: [S.l.] : EDWARD ELGAR PUBLISHING, 2020.
Vydání/formát:   Tištěná kniha : English

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Všichni autoři/tvůrci: VAN DEN BROECK.
ISBN: 1788975189 9781788975186
OCLC číslo: 1182844689
Obsahy: Contents:01 INTRODUCTION 011. Social innovation as an alternative narrative 02Pieter Van den Broeck, Abid Mehmood, Angeliki Paidakaki andConstanza Parra02 FROM KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS TO SOCIAL INNOVATION 072. Animating social change: Political transformation and/or 08social innovation?Erik Swyngedouw03 MIGRATION AND INTEGRATED AREA DEVELOPMENT 133. The metamorphoses of a research field: Foreign labour 14migration in Belgium 1945-2016Albert Martens4. Combating poverty and local integrated area development 22Pavlos-Marinos Delladetsimas5. Migration and urban regeneration 27Felicitas Hillmann04 SOCIAL INNOVATION: PUTTING THE MARKET BACK 29IN ITS PLACE6. From technological to social innovation: Rehabilitating the state and 30civil society in the development debateKevin Morgan and Flavia Martinelli7. Political economy and regulation theory 38Stijn Oosterlynck8. Social innovation: A Polanyian reinterpretation 39Maarten Loopmans and Chris Kesteloot05 THE GLOBALIZED CITY 459. Producer services and regional development in the Aegean 46with particular focus on Lesvos and ChiosPavlos-Marinos Delladetsimas10. Naples 49Jonathan Pratschke, Lucia Cavola and Enrica Morlicchio11. Euralille at the service of an unaccomplished Lille metropolitan area 52Thomas Werquin12. A postcard from London 56Michael Edwards06 NEIGHBOURHOODS AND COMMUNITIES 6113. Reflecting on the BOM: The transformative potential of neighbourhood 62initiativesPatsy Healey and Jean Hillier14. Social innovation and community development: A personal reflection 68Diana MacCallum15. Evora 74Patricia Rego and Isabel Andre07 SOCIAL INCLUSION THROUGH CULTURE AND ARTS 7716. Inspiration and emotions: Culture and arts engendering 78new urban placesIsabel Andre17. Action research with an artistic turn: The "Welcome (W)all-MURO" 85project for youth in Bairro da Cruz Vermelha, LisbonRuth Segers08 SOLIDARITY AS GOVERNANCE 8918. Putting solidarity in its place in metagovernance 90Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum19. Bottom-linked approach to social innovation governance 97Marisol Garcia and Marc Pradel09 SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING 9920. From social innovation to spatial development analysis and planning 100Seppe De Blust and Pieter Van den Broeck21. Radical strategic planning meets social innovation 106Louis Albrechts22. Design as socially innovative co-production 108Ahmed Z. Khan23. Moving is knowing. Knowing is moving 110Jan Schreurs10 SOCIOLOGY OF KNOWLEDGE 11124. Transformative social innovation, critical realism and 112the good life for allAndreas Novy25. Transdisciplinary problematization 118Konrad Miciukiewicz26. Curating the meta-framework 119Michael Kaethler27. Collective learning 120Annette Kuhk11 THE SOCIALLY ENGAGED UNIVERSITY 12128. Social innovation and universities: The challenge of 122social transformationJuan-Luis Klein29. Partnering with a young planning school: Nurturing a socially 128innovative planning approach in the University of Aveiro, PortugalArtur Da Rosa Pires and Carlos Rodrigues30. Newcastle: Making the local international 131Stuart Cameron12 LEARNING THROUGH CRITICAL THINKING 13331. The Erasmus Intensive Programme: Enjoying the challenges of 134teaching and learning in/from a multicultural approach to planningArtur Da Rosa Pires, Carlos Rodrigues and Stuart Cameron32. 'EquaTerritoria': A catalyst offspring from the European Module 137in Spatial Development Planning (EMSDP)Chiara Tornaghi, Barbara Van Dyck, Brenda Galvan-Lopez,Daniela Coimbra de Souza, Giancarlo Cotella, Giota Karametou andPieter Van den Broeck33. Social innovation and strategic spatial planning pedagogically 143interacting in LeuvenLoris Servillo13 BRIDGING SOCIETY AND ECOLOGY 14734. Bringing the social back in sustainable socio-ecological development 148Constanza Parra, Angeliki Paidakaki, Abid Mehmood andPieter Van den Broeck35. 'Theorie des cites' and water conflicts 155Iratxe Calvo Mendieta36. Understanding land use rights. Building landed commons 156Pieter Van den Broeck37. Land use between spaces and times 158Hubert Gulinck14 INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 15938. Learning from community dynamics in Kenya's 'informal' livelihood 160and housing strategiesEmmanuel Midheme and Margaret Macharia39. PUSH in the Kampung: Social innovation in the Global South 162Prathiwi Widyatmi Putri40. 'Business-in-a-Box' as transformative social innovation 165Abdur Rehman Cheema and Abid Mehmood15 WAYS FORWARD 16741. When innovation lost its social character. Or not? 168Frank Moulaert42. A frank story about a conversation that (n)ever took place 180Han VerschureBibliography 188Index 205


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'Social Innovation as Political Transformation makes a major contribution by going beyond critique of neoliberalism to offering positive proposals for social innovation. It brings together a group of Přečíst více...

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